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Greater personalization, speed, and cost-efficiency with the industry’s most advanced production platform.

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Find exactly the customers you’re looking for—and target the prospects you may have missed—with our sophisticated data-driven marketing expertise.

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Engage your customers and prospects with our creative direct mail and digital campaigns designed to generate lasting impact and maximum response, no matter the channel.

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Whether Paper or Pixels™, IWCO Direct’s state-of-the-art production technology and digital execution platforms power your campaigns.

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Critical Communications Recovery

When mother nature—or anything else that could interrupt your business—puts a pause on your customer communications, Mail-Gard is there to keep your critical communications running. Mail-Gard’s dedicated print-to-mail recovery services and Recovery Builder® are designed to help you create an ironclad plan, prepare for the worst, and prevent business interruptions in the wake of any disaster.

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2021 Holiday Shopping Recap: Season was Strong Despite Supply Chain Concerns

If you read my blog posts, you know that I love shopping. The holiday season, November 1 to December 24, is my favorite time of year for shopping…the decorations, the music, and the sales. The 2020 holiday shopping season was disrupted due to COVID-19 restrictions and in-person shopping included social distancing, a facemask, and hand sanitizer. What would disrupt the 2021 holiday shopping season?

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USPS Mailing Promotions Make Your Direct Mail More Compelling and Reduce Cost

At IWCO Direct, we spend a great deal of time thinking about what drives the success of our clients’ marketing programs, which includes taking advantage of available promotions that can help marketers drive more robust response at a lower cost.   As my colleague Marcus Johnson discussed last week, direct mail remains an essential part of any successful marketing program. Successful programs share […]

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Direct Mail is Appointment Marketing – Is It Part of Your Marketing Mix?

Let’s play a game (not Tic Tac Toe). How many ways can you think of to market your product or service? Instead of “ways,” you may prefer technical terms such as channels. Or tactics. Or marketing mix. Or even media plan. Let’s name a few, including the obligatory digital option: Digital — I’m lumping various […]

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January 22-25, 2022   La Jolla, CA

Join IWCO Direct Color Technical Specialist, Mike Todryk, as he presents “Color is Everyone’s Business” from 8:30-9:20 a.m. on Tuesday, January 25th. In his session, Mike will explore why it takes a team effort―from design to prepress to print production―to achieve accurate and consistent color. The session will also explore the successful process IWCO Direct has developed to ensure precise color reproduction across multiple devices and printing processes.

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