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Keep your direct marketing ahead of the pack no matter what your industry, from healthcare, telecom, insurance, financial services, loyalty, and more.

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Find exactly the customers you’re looking for—and target the prospects you may have missed—with our sophisticated data-driven marketing expertise.

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Engage your customers and prospects with our creative direct mail and digital campaigns designed to generate lasting impact and maximum response, no matter the channel.

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Whether Paper or Pixels™, IWCO Direct’s state-of-the-art production technology and digital execution platforms power your campaigns.

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Critical Communications Recovery

When mother nature—or anything else that could interrupt your business—puts a pause on your customer communications, Mail-Gard is there to keep your critical communications running. Mail-Gard’s dedicated print-to-mail recovery services and Recovery Builder® are designed to help you create an ironclad plan, prepare for the worst, and prevent business interruptions in the wake of any disaster.

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The Johnson Box—What, Why, Where, and How

Before we dive into the value and inner workings of the Johnson Box, a little family history. The Johnson Box was invented by my great great great grandfather Eustice Aristotle Johnson, a pioneer in direct mail. This breakthrough in marketing occurred shortly after he created boxed cereal and sliced bread. I’m a little fuzzy on […]

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2021 Promises to be an Active Year in Postal Affairs

When I last wrote about what was happening with the Postal Service, the agency was in the midst of an overwhelming holiday peak season, during which a COVID-driven drop in employee availability combined with record parcel volume had resulted in extreme delivery challenges in several parts of the country.

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The Benefits and Challenges of Cellular Manufacturing for Direct Mail Production

My posts for SpeakingDIRECT often highlight new technologies IWCO Direct is exploring or capabilities we are adding, but innovation and efficiency aren’t just driven by the equipment we employ. Processes and workflow can be just as important in ensuring IWCO Direct maintains its leadership role.

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Upcoming Events

Inkjet Insight Webinar: Understanding Paper Qualification

March 16, 2021 at 1pm ET / Noon CT   Webinar

IWCO Direct’s color and print quality expert, Mike Todryk, joins Mary Schilling of Inkjet Insight on March 16 for an “Inkjet Explainer” webinar tackling that fundamental factor of inkjet life―media qualification. Join this dynamic duo for a discussion of why media qualification matters, how to qualify performance media from general use, and which media types can increase print quality while saving ink costs. Understanding and qualifying the best performing media for sheet or web-fed devices can help you find the stock that will provide the best results on your press.

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