We donate because we want to, not because we need to.

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A new member of the IWCO team, Heather Schichtel is Making Better Happen as a National Sales Director. She embraces the opportunity to meet great people and learn something new every day. Heather is a proud recipient of the Lifetime Fundraiser Award from Children’s Hospital Colorado, and enjoys skiing and browsing for her next good read.

Why do we donate? Whether it’s an individual or an organization, we donate because it feels good to give back, not because we need to.

Donating is more than a transaction; it’s an engagement and an opportunity to be a part of something bigger. As a result, donors seek a personal relationship with nonprofits. But this can be difficult in a hyper-connected world, where donors are consistently being asked to give through online channels like social media, digital communication, and email. The noise can be deafening and the opportunity to develop that relationship can be lost. How can your cause rise above the clatter?

Let’s go back to our mailbox.

I realize that this statement may elicit several eye rolls. Traditional nonprofit direct mail is often antiquated, cumbersome and filled with mailing labels you will never use. While variable address and salutation fields can give the appearance of personalization the content and creative can still feel static. This type of letter is not an effective way to start a relationship.

However, a timely, hyper-personalized, direct mail communication that acknowledges your audience and their engagement with your nonprofit could be the relationship nudge needed to separate your cause from the others.

IWCO’s investment in digital print, combined with a robust data platform and dynamic content management, enables our nonprofit partners and agencies to create segmented, personalized  campaigns all within one print stream, maximizing production and minimizing cost.

A digital print platform creates the opportunity for an omnichannel approach for your marketing strategy. As nonprofits approach the busiest giving season, which tends to be towards the end of Q4, direct mail correspondence can build on and increase the impact of an online action. For instance, a donor who visits your site but leaves before donating can receive a targeted appeal reminding them of the importance of that donation to your cause. Digital print accelerates in-home delivery to make this appeal timely and relevant.

One-to-one variability enables nonprofits to test different ask arrays, data, and design elements. For example, an Animal Welfare organization can segment creative with a dog or a cat to align with owner preference. Food Bank consortiums can create dynamic content and creative unique to each region they serve. Additional demographic attributes can be incorporated at the time of print. Presence of children, political affiliation, and net worth are just examples of how a nonprofit might modify their message to resonate with each donor. This variability, incorporated into one print stream creates a personalized message without increasing your postal spend.

Direct mail is an essential part of any multi-channel campaign and is the most responsive lead generation channel when coupled with dynamic content and data-driven audiences. Your nonprofit cause is dynamic as well. Digital print enables nonprofits to engage donors with the right message, to the right audience in a relevant, timely manner, enabling your story and impact to evolve and grow alongside our changing world.

Let’s tell your story! Our team at IWCO are experts at combining the right audience and content into the perfect message. To learn more, please contact me at Heather.Schichtel@iwco.com.

Heather will be attending the NIO Summit in Dallas, Texas on September 19-21.

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