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In today’s fast-paced business landscape, incorporating generative AI has become increasingly enticing. Harnessing generative AI’s capabilities for improving customer experience is an exciting challenge that many organizations are beginning to explore. David Klempke, Director of Client Marketing Technology Solutions at IWCO, shares three practices marketers can adopt to leverage generative AI to enhance customer experiences and how we adopt these practices at IWCO.

Practice 1: Develop a Customer Experience Strategy

Chatbot augmentation is a common customer experience application. AI’s capabilities extend far beyond chat functions and can improve various customer touchpoints. However, given the power and novelty of generative AI, I recommend proceeding with caution. Start by using AI to create responsive messaging that can assist marketing and customer service teams before introducing AI-powered chat tools externally for customers.

IWCO partners with clients to enhance multichannel response marketing and we’re working to securely and appropriately embrace generative AI to enhance our services. We focus heavily on hyper-personalization, delivering content tailored to individual characteristics to maximize ROI. We are currently collaborating with industry-leading CCM/CXM technologies from Messagepoint that incorporate generative AI capabilities into their customer communications management application, helping us to deliver highly personalized content to our clients every day.

The challenge lies in creating communications for clients in various industries, each requiring distinct marketing approaches. This is especially true in highly regulated industries like healthcare. In these instances, we can augment traditional methods of messaging creation by using generative AI to simplify and scale the task of adjusting customer correspondence for reading level, sentiment, demographic characteristics, and vernacular, ensuring that the right message reaches the right audience through the right channel.

Practice 2: Deploy a Proof-of-Concept Project

Incorporating a proof-of-concept (POC) is a standard step in adopting new technology, but with LLM-based technologies (Large Language Models), it demands a unique approach. Data governance and skilled resources are critical. Data sources for AI messaging should be carefully chosen to mitigate risks, which could include proprietary data exposure and copyright infringement. A unified content model with tags and metadata helps organize data effectively. Make sure you bring together an implementation team with diverse expertise, including business subject matter experts trained to create trusted prompts for generative AI engines.

At IWCO, my team consists of both technical and business experts working closely with client partners to ensure an agile and effective workflow. Technical specialists handle prompt creation and application architecture. Data sources must be flexible to support various client industries, and IWCO employs unified content modeling to determine the most effective imagery and messaging for each client’s specific needs.

Practice 3: Apply Learnings through a Feedback Loop

The success of a POC hinges on learning and iterating over time. Generative AI, like all AI technologies, benefits from continuous refinements. Feedback from multiple sources, including beta users and human participants, should be applied to the generative AI model to ensure it evolves and matures before a production implementation.

Our ongoing objective is to fine tune tone and sentiment while meeting client requirements. It’s important to understand industry-specific nuances, as certain events or circumstances can drastically influence the tone and sentiment required in customer communications. Integrating generative AI into this process can deliver significant time savings, reducing change management from weeks to days or even hours.

Incorporating human review into generative AI remains essential to prevent bias, copyright issues, or the leakage of proprietary information. Client feedback and satisfaction determines the success and future of generative AI at IWCO.

In conclusion, adopting generative AI to improve customer experience is a journey that organizations can adopt to their advantage. By following these key practices, marketers can successfully integrate generative AI that maximizes ROI and enhances customer interactions. With the right strategy, a thoughtful POC, and an effective feedback loop, generative AI represents boundless potential.

Contact us to learn how IWCO Direct can assist your organization to maximize your customer experience with Generative AI.

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