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As Director of Operations at Mail-Gard, Brian brings a commitment to teamwork and a lead-by-example philosophy to work each day. Serving for more than 20 years with the company, he is involved in all aspects of the business, from operations to Continuous Improvement to sales and customer service – ensuring Mail-Gard’s print-to-mail recovery services are always ready to send critical communications at a moment’s notice. He is an avid Philadelphia Flyers fan who enjoys playing ice hockey himself.

Mail-Gard® is IWCO’s answer to the need for Business Continuity (BC) and Disaster Recovery (DR). At Mail-Gard, critical communications business continuity, disaster recovery, and print-to-mail outsourcing services for overflow work have protected Fortune 1000 companies, local industries, and state and federal clients from serious business interruptions since 1996. We offer our clients a dedicated location and team of print-to-mail business continuity and recovery services professionals to assist businesses with their BC and DR plans, so they will be able to continue functioning, even during a disaster.

The Nature of Disasters Has Changed

Prior to 2020, Mail-Gard managed one or fewer Disaster Recovery declarations per year. Events of this nature were typically weather-related, tied to events like Super Storm Sandy or Hurricane Katrina. We tended to think of disasters and disaster recovery as a more specific event with a more defined timeline. However, the global pandemic certainly tested the BC/DR industry’s perspective on business continuity.

Beginning in 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Mail-Gard team witnessed a sharp increase in DR needs. COVID-19 brought on staffing shortages and isolation requirements. It also increased public safety concerns and supply-chain shortages. All of this made the need for a well-thought-out BC and DR plan even more crucial, and the Mail-Gard Customer Service team remained on the job to assist their clients.

Different Businesses Require Different Approaches

The effect of the pandemic on our resources, human and material, continues with no clear end in sight. However, business continues and reliance on critical print and mail communications has expanded in 2023. At Mail-Gard, we’re committed to adapting our services to meet these new demands. COVID-19 certainly added another layer of complexity of BC/DR, but adapting and adjusting had always been part of our formula. We’ve found that every area of business requires a different approach to making things happen so that critical communications, whether compliance related or industry specific, continues to flow for our valued clients.

Current economics and business strategies have changed, but IWCO has built, and will continue to build, a strategy in support of focused print and mail recovery services. We believe it provides the best value and most successful partnership in support of our clients BC/DR planning.

Making Better Happen in 2023 and Beyond

In 2023 and beyond, there are a multitude of dynamic threats that can affect any operation, so IWCO is Making Better HappenSM by providing solutions for the traditional on-premise production sites, as well as those that choose to use outsource partners. Please reach out to Mail-Gard to experience what a dedicated focused team and process can do to enhance your BC/DR planning.

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