At Mail-Gard®, critical communications business continuity, disaster recovery, and print-to-mail outsourcing services for overflow work have protected Fortune 1000 companies, local industries, and state and federal customers from serious business interruptions since 1996. We practically started the print-to-mail recovery industry and have been an innovator ever since.

Our strengths are many: We’re the only business continuity and disaster recovery provider to offer two dedicated print-to-mail recovery facilities, a broad range of technical solutions and seasoned, experienced employees with the knowledge to replicate your print-to-mail requirements. And no one can beat our 100% success rate for declaration support.

We don’t tell you what constitutes a disaster, you tell us! Mail-Gard never sets a limitation on when or why you can declare a disaster. Whether it’s a natural disaster, an operational recovery due to downed equipment, employee work stoppage, utility failure, or even a scheduled equipment update, you can call our hotline whenever you need us and count on our immediate support.

You can also turn to us for print-to-mail outsourcing services. We help control the overflow when your internal capabilities can’t keep up with your critical communications needs.

We don’t just sell print-to-mail business continuity and disaster recovery services. It’s who we are.