Mail-Gard® Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Services

Business is full of unexpected surprises. Sometimes it’s Mother Nature, human error, or an avalanche of problems that are beyond your control. Whatever the reason, it’s essential to have a print-to-mail recovery plan you can trust to save the day if and when you need it.

Mail-Gard’s business continuity and disaster recovery services will protect your important documents and ensure their delivery, keeping you in compliance and keeping you in business. No matter what your requirements, we’re equipped to print, insert, finish and mail all of your critical communications so you (and your customers) won’t miss a beat.

But Mail-Gard comes to the rescue during more than just disasters or other serious business interruptions. When a planned (or unplanned) spike in production volume occurs, our recovery customers can transition their increased volumes to Mail-Gard and utilize our dedicated print-to-mail facilities for operational recovery while meeting their SLAs and exercising their recovery plan at the same time.

Testing is crucial to your success. Our technical and customer service teams work with you to gather the necessary information for a successful recovery exercise. We also offer Proof-of-Concept testing to make sure you’re completely satisfied before signing a contract. If you’re not certain what technical requirements are needed for your print-to-mail disaster recovery plan, our Recovery Builder® planning and consulting services will help. Whether it’s establishing connectivity or handling complications related to duplicating your print-to-mail environment, we’ll be there every step of the way.

As the nation’s leading provider of print-to-mail business continuity and disaster recovery services, we serve Fortune 1000 companies as well as federal and state government clients. And our track record says it all – 100% successful recoveries. Mail-Gard is business continuity and disaster recovery. It’s who we are; it’s what we do!

Recovery Plan Checklist

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