Corporate Headquarters

IWCO Direct
7951 Powers Boulevard
Chanhassen, MN 55317
Phone: 952.474.0961
Fax: 952.474.6467
Directions from Minneapolis Airport

Requests for Verification of Employment and/or Income

IWCO Direct uses The Work Number® service from Equifax to provide automated income and employment verification. The Work Number reduces our risk of liability from providing erroneous or unauthorized information, and our employees receive the benefit of rapid verification completion, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Click here for instructions on how to use this system.


James Capstick
Chief Sales Officer

Public/Media Relations IWCO Direct & Mail-Gard®

Kurt Ruppel
Director Postal Policy and Marketing Communications

IWCO Direct Education Center

Kurt Ruppel
Director Postal Policy and Marketing Communications

Creative Services

Siri Prax
Director of Marketing and Account Services

Sourcing and Procurement

Ken McDonald
Chief Supply Chain Officer

Other Locations

Hamburg, PA Facility
100 Industrial Drive
Hamburg, PA 19526
Phone: 610.562.1000

Warminster, PA Facility
65 Steamboat Drive
Warminster, PA 18974
Phone: 215.672.6900