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19 Principles of Success from the Father of Direct Marketing

Pat Deck

In case you’ve been too busy to check the calendar, Father’s Day is this Sunday. Hold on; before you rush out to mail a card, be sure to read this post.

Last week Mike Dietz described a few best practices for direct mail copy and design. That got me thinking about best practices we employ. In honor of Father’s Day, it seems appropriate to salute Lester Wunderman, who is widely considered the father of direct marketing and who invented many of the techniques we take for granted today.

Wunderman outlines these 19 Principles of Success in his book, Being Direct: Making Advertising Pay:

  1. Direct Marketing Is a Strategy, Not a Tactic
  2. The Consumer, Not the Product, Must Be the Hero
  3. Communicate with Each Customer as an Audience of One
  4. Answer the Question “Why Should I?”
  5. Advertising Must Change Behavior, Not Just Attitudes
  6. The Next Step: Profitable Advertising
  7. Build the “Brand Experience”
  8. Create Relationships
  9. Know and Invest in Each Customer’s Lifetime Value
  10. “Suspects” Are Not Prospects
  11. Media Is a Contact Strategy
  12. Be Accessible to Your Customers
  13. Encourage Interactive Dialogues
  14. Learn the Missing “When?”
  15. Create an Advertising Curriculum That Teaches as it Sells
  16. Acquire Customers with the Intention to Loyalize Them
  17. Loyalty Is A Continuity Program
  18. Your Share of Loyal Customers, Not Your Share of the Market Creates Profits
  19. You Are What You Know

These considerations can guide not only your next direct marketing campaign, but your overall direct marketing strategy. OK, now you can rush out to mail that Father’s Day card.

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Pat Deck


Pat Deck

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