Go beyond basic demographics with a deep-dive direct marketing strategy to achieve the value, response, and return on marketing investment (ROMI) you need on every campaign. Success in direct marketing is defined by how well you’re able to identify, segment, and target the people most likely to respond, engage, and convert.

With our sophisticated direct marketing strategies, tools, and expertise, IWCO Direct digs deeper than demographics with our models. These allow us to predict attitudes, analyze behavior, and focus your marketing efforts for better return on marketing investment.

Our Direct Marketing Strategy Capabilities

  • Data mining and analysis
  • Conjoint analysis
  • List management and procurement
  • Email Behavior Targeting (EBT)
  • Audience segmenting and targeting
  • Customer modeling and persona creation
  • Back-end reporting
  • Testing and attribution studies

Data guides our strategy and creative through execution and evaluation. Whether you’re looking for new customers, earning the loyalty of existing customers, or winning back lapsed customers, our direct marketing strategies use every data point available to structure, plan, and execute your omnichannel campaigns to achieve your objectives.

Applying the proper direct marketing strategy involves planning the right use of data, reading previous results, designing creative, and developing an effective test plan. We implement these strategic standards on all marketing initiatives, ranging from creating complex marketing campaigns to fine tuning the seemingly minor details of a single piece. We continually experiment with offers, creative, targeting, segmentation, and analysis in an organized and strategic way to ensure enduring success.

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