Email Behavior Targeting (EBT) from IWCO Direct gives your marketing unprecedented insight into the attitudes, behaviors, and preferences of your audience by leveraging the actions they take with email online.

Here’s how it works: We’ll help you identify keywords that are important to your marketing goals (like search terms, competitor brands, and more) and leverage the ways your audience engages with them in email links. When prospects click on a link in an email, they’ll automatically receive a personalized email and/or direct mail offer from your company, allowing you to capture and target new leads identified by their behavior. The timing of these emails and direct mail can be customized to best fit your audience and utilize omnichannel marketing.

Data is only as good as what you can do with it, so EBT also offers customized data exports that can include relevant information like the prospect’s name, postal address, the date and time they engaged, the keyword they responded to, and much more. This can and does power triggered direct mail campaigns. With the potential to feed your multi- and omnichannel campaigns, EBT is one more powerful way for you to leverage marketing data to turn leads into customers with IWCO Direct.