At Mail-Gard we expect the unexpected. Before the inevitable disaster strikes, our Print-to-Mail Recovery Builder® process will help you create a business continuity and disaster recovery plan to make sure your business runs smoothly no matter what happens. Mail-Gard’s expert Recovery Builder Test Technicians will travel to your facility to assess your preparedness and assist with fact-finding, communication, and logistics planning.

Our proprietary Print-to-Mail Recovery process includes:

  • Reviewing the requirements of your plan
  • Creating a timeline and list of tasks
  • Documenting individual responsibilities
  • Performing site visits as required
  • Conducting a complete Proof-of-Concept test
  • Providing a detailed report on the entire project from start to finish

Our disaster recovery planning and consulting services will result in a plan that’s effective and efficient, dramatically reducing the time required to implement your plan while minimizing the challenges that often affect the process.

Print-to-Mail Recovery Services