Mail-Gard® Expands Operations at Main Recovery Center

October 16, 2014

Warminster, Pa. (October 16, 2014) — Mail-Gard®, a division of IWCO Direct and one of the nation’s leading providers of critical communication recovery solutions, announced it has increased its main recovery center in Warminster, Pa. by more than 41,000-square-feet, bringing total operations at the facility to 105,000-square-feet. The additional space allows Mail-Gard to continue expanding its capabilities, while offering current customers the continuity and recovery services they rely on.

Mail-Gard has successfully grown its business by adapting to the changing disaster recovery landscape. It has experienced increased demand for its print-to-mail disaster recovery services; including customer declarations, more frequent “live testing” of disaster recovery plans, and operational recovery support.

“As businesses recognize the need for disaster recovery plans to compensate for natural disasters, human error or cyber-attacks, Mail-Gard has experienced growing demand for our disaster recovery and business continuity services,” explained Jerry Montella, executive vice president of sales and marketing at Mail-Gard. “The additional space allows Mail-Gard to grow our business while continuing to fully support current customers’ critical communications recovery needs.”