IWCO Direct Awarded G7® Master Qualification from IDEAlliance®

August 13, 2013

Management Team Receives Expert Certification

Chanhassen, Minn. (August 13, 2013) — IWCO Direct, a leading provider of direct marketing solutions, has been awarded G7® Master Qualification from IDEAlliance®, a membership organization within the graphic communications industry that identifies best practices for efficient end-to-end digital media workflows both digitally and in print. IWCO Direct received this level of qualification for its web and sheetfed printing equipment at its facilities in Chanhassen, Minn. and Hamburg, Pa.

Along with IWCO Direct’s G7 Master Qualification, which is granted to a physical plant, equipment or system, Tom Kern, print manager, and Doug Brustad, envelope manager, have received G7 Expert Certification, which is earned by an individual in the field of color management. Kern and Brustad completed an intensive, hands-on training and exam in color and print analysis. Additional members of IWCO Direct’s press operations lead team will undertake the same training course later this year. As G7 Experts, they will work to educate staff, calibrate proofing systems and/or presses and review and approve equipment calibration data to further enhance IWCO Direct’s color management process.

G7 is an internationally accepted method used to attain a consistent, desired grayscale and tonal curve for calibrating a wide range of proofing and/or printing systems in order to enhance color fidelity on a press. Utilizing G7 within a print production workflow improves output consistency across multiple print services, platforms and distribution outlets. With the G7 methodology and best practices, IWCO Direct can achieve a faster, more consistent color match between the proof and printed sheet on web, sheetfed, digital and flexo presses. This will increase efficiency, reduce make-ready time and waste and provide overall higher quality color reproduction.

“This recognition demonstrates our commitment to consistently achieving the highest quality standards,” said Jim Andersen, IWCO Direct chief executive officer. “Producing printed materials that maintain color fidelity regardless of press or format is an important element of our standards. With our G7 Master Qualification, IWCO Direct’s customers are assured that their direct mail programs are not only delivered most efficiently, but with brand consistency top of mind.”