The Challenge

When Time Warner Cable Business Class needed help launching its Business Pro Bundle through direct mail, we quickly got down to, well…business.


After reviewing previous control packages, the marketing services team concluded this launch required more than just a new format. Creating a new identity with a full rebrand of the Time Warner Cable Business Pro Bundle offer was in order.


Our creative team developed a striking new logo, refreshed the layout with eye-catching graphics, and crafted new copy that made responding easy and irresistible.


Outer envelopes, plastic cards, and highly personalized interior elements were all produced in-house leveraging the latest in full-color digital production technology. Specific offers, 800-numbers, and pURLs were tailored to each recipient.

Creating Customers

Our new approach to strategy and creative drove a 33% lift in response. The new logo and graphics were leveraged across multiple Time Warner Cable Business Class channels to further strengthen the new product identity and create new customers.