The Challenge

This initial Medicare Advantage enrollment campaign had heavy regional versioning and lacked targeted messaging. The health plan provider identified a need to reduce production and postal costs and to improve in-home delivery for this program.

Applying Our Capabilities

IWCO Direct optimized messaging to the target audience by reducing preprint versioning through the use of duplex personalization, Drop-On-Demand (DOD) card imaging, and read/write personalization on the envelope. Drive time and distance factors were integrated in the campaign along with the implementation of business rules to promote meetings based on population densities in specific areas. The data file was also analyzed to take advantage of cost savings opportunities using walk-sequence carrier route postal sorting.

The Results

The program increased response rates by 53% while also attracting new members. Personalization efficiencies reduced production cost by $.019 per piece. Postal optimization drove postage savings of $.048 per piece, saving more than $500,000. In addition, 98% of the mail across four drops hit the projected two-day in-home window for each drop.

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