The Challenge

Hurricanes Katrina and Rita swept through the gulf states in August of 2005 and became part of our nation’s history that won’t soon be forgotten. In the aftermath of the storms, New Orleans-based Whitney National Bank lost connection to its operations center, Bellsouth central offices, and data center. However, despite that seemingly devastating handicap, the company was able to secure its data and put its print-to-mail disaster recovery plan in motion.

Applying Our Capabilities

Whitney National Bank called Mail-Gard and our disaster declaration hotline and began the process of transferring their recovered data from their data hotsite to Mail-Gard’s print-to-mail recovery facility. Whitney’s critical communications, including checking and saving statements, commercial and consumer loan notices, advance loans, and other critical communications documents were successfully produced by Mail-Gard. Internal reports were also printed and sent to the Whitney National Bank team, which had mobilized in Houston.

The Results

Thanks to fast action by everyone involved, and Mail-Gard’s dedicated team of recovery experts, Whitney National Bank was able to maintain critical communications to its customers despite the major impact to business operations. Due to the extenuating circumstance in the New Orleans area, the bank continued to use Mail-Gard for its print-to-mail business continuity and disaster recovery services through January, 2006, when they were finally able to resume normal business operations.

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Services Used