How Our Expanding Tech Stack Powers Omnichannel Marketing Programs

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In today’s multichannel, multi-touch marketing environment, having the right “tech stack” is essential for reaching the right individuals with the right offer at the right time. However, it can get overwhelming thinking about all these systems and how all that data needs to be harnessed, protected, and utilized. As a marketer, you shouldn’t need a degree in computer science to use technology effectively. The right marketing partner with the right technology can make this seamless and satisfying, while the wrong one can leave you with a fragmented and frustrating experience.

In June, we announced a significant investment in our technology and digital marketing capabilities, as well as our production platform. As our clients continue to tie their direct mail and digital marketing channels together, they need greater speed from data through delivery to market response, more opportunity for personalization, and a more holistic approach to their omnichannel programs.

How Our Tech Stack Powers Omnichannel Campaigns

This is where our tech stack comes into play. It’s the engine that brings our Strategy, Data, and Analytics insights to life. It allows our Creative team to design and distribute incredibly personalized offers across multiple channels. It powers our Production capabilities and allows our clients to adjust offers just moments before the paper hits the press or emails get delivered.

Our process for developing our tech stack has been guided by our holistic, 360-degree approach to client programs and workflows. There are lots of tools available to facilitate a multichannel journey, but in our opinion, many fall short without a 360-degree view of the entire workflow. We designed ours to provide an integrated workflow that allows you to manage inputs in a much more agile and responsive way.

The Expansion of Our Tech Stack Supports Responsive Content

We expect our tech stack to be a leading differentiator that will allow us to help our clients outperform their competitors. As we continue to grow and invest in a comprehensive work bench with best of breed applications, we’re creating a more integrated, connected environment for clients. In the future, these capabilities will let us drive and orchestrate each individual customer experience based upon their reaction or response to a previous offer. Not only will our clients be sending personalized content, they will also be sending reactive and/or responsive content based upon other marketing channel interactions. This will allow our clients to be even more strategic in the channels they use, the people they target, and the offers they provide. That’s a big deal, and that’s where we are headed.

To learn more about how our approach to technology can make you a nimbler marketer, contact me.

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