We’re Making Better Happen by Focusing on Employee Safety

warehouse workers

June was National Safety Month, and at IWCO, we are taking proactive steps to promote safety awareness and make employee safety our top priority throughout the year. We have two exciting initiatives that demonstrate our commitment to creating a culture of safety within our organization. Elevating Safety Awareness Through Gamification On Monday, June 12, our […]

Celebrating Earth Day All Year

In 2022, IWCO undertook various initiatives aimed at promoting environmental sustainability. While a comprehensive environmental snapshot report is expected to be released later this year, we felt it was important to share some of the key achievements we’re proud of during Earth Week. Here are just a few examples of the efforts we made towards this goal.

Maintaining Focus on Our Environmental Footprint in a Weird Market

person holding soil with small plant

The forces influencing today’s print industry and related sustainable printing efforts are complex and often confusing for printers and their clients. Key factors include electronic media, technology and innovation, environmental regulations, global economics, and increasing use of mobile and interactive platforms by consumers. Sustainable printing methods are becoming more and more popular as individuals and […]

IWCO Direct Recognized for Sustainability Efforts

IWCO team picture for sustainability efforts

Since joining IWCO Direct in March, I have been impressed with the importance our company places on being good environmental stewards. We were recently honored to learn that IWCO Direct was recognized by Canopy, an international environmental non-governmental organization (NGO), for our sustainability efforts and continuing to prioritize forest conservation and low-footprint, sustainable paper sourcing throughout the challenges […]