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Choosing the Best Channel for Your Customer Acquisition Strategy – IWCO Direct

The “Silver Bullet” Channel for Customer Acquisition

Posted October 16, 2018 by in Omnichannel Marketing

Developing a successful, one-to-one customer acquisition campaign requires a lot of hard work and planning. And there are a myriad of variables that must be taken into account when determining which channels—or combination of channels—you should deploy. Those variables include, but are not limited to, your target audience, your media/marketing budget, the category, the path to purchase, and last but certainly not least, your business objectives.

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How Trigger Marketing Helps Solve the Riddle of Getting Your Message to the Right Person at the Right Time

Posted October 5, 2018 by in Strategy and Analysis

We’ve all heard that the right message to the right person at the right time is the best approach for eliciting action. Sounds simple enough. But who is the right person, what’s the right message, and when’s the right time? The answer typically comes down to relevance. The message and the timing must be relevant  […]

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How to Successfully Market Travel Loyalty Programs – IWCO Direct

What Your Travel Loyalty Program Marketing Needs in 2018: Personalization, Relevancy, and Direct Mail

Posted September 12, 2018 by in Strategy and Analysis

While relaxing and recapping summer vacations with a group of friends recently, one family said traveling with their three daughters was stressful because one of the children always felt left out. Another couple mentioned that traveling with their teenage daughter was difficult because she complained she was bored and didn’t have anyone her age with  […]

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Kurt Ruppel Named Vice Chairman of EMA Board of DirectorsRead More
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