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Idealliance - G7 Master Colorspace - Qualified Facility

Achieving G7 Colorspace Master Qualification is Further Proof of Color Excellence

Posted December 4, 2018 by in Announcements

The heightened value marketers place on color accuracy across their marketing communications makes our announcement from earlier today very important. IWCO Direct has achieved G7 Colorspace Master Qualification for our web and sheet-fed lithographic presses, continuous and cut-sheet digital equipment, and proofing devices at all facilities. This is the most stringent level of G7 compliance  […]

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The Steel Business System is Changing Our Continuous Improvement for the Better—Here’s How

Posted November 6, 2018 by in Announcements

As my colleague Pat Sondreal noted in his July post, one of the major benefits IWCO Direct has experienced since joining the Steel Partners family of companies has been the introduction of the Steel Business System (SBS) methodology to augment our already robust Continuous Improvement and Lean manufacturing efforts. Throughout 2018, the Continuous Improvement  […]

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Staff Training for New Workflow Processes – IWCO Direct

Staff Training Makes Our New Workflow More Efficient Right Off the Bat

Posted October 26, 2018 by in Announcements

As Pat Sondreal mentioned in his September 21 post, we started the rollout of our new and improved front-end system this year, which is designed to enhance our direct marketing workflow. Every process, from initial request for quote to a job’s release to production, was analyzed and streamlined, and IT implemented several technology enhancements  […]

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