Creating Order from Chaos: How IWCO Direct 1to1 Simplifies AEP

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There is a tendency to view technology merely as supporting work activities. Without question, technology enables efficient workflow and simplifies activities. But technology is not just a supporting player in high performance marketing campaigns. The limit on what technology can accomplish is not functional capability, but rather the lack of vision to imagine what’s possible. At IWCO Direct, we collaborate everyday with our clients to create content management and delivery solutions that take their communication campaigns to the next level of strategic marketing while eliminating chaos and anxiety in their work life.

As an example, every year healthcare insurers begin the arduous task of getting ready for the Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) for policyholders. This is an exceedingly challenging time as many industry and government regulatory changes and updates must be implemented in a relatively short period of time. All these changes need to be reflected in content across a variety of communication channels while ensuring strict adherence to quality control standards and delivery schedules. At IWCO Direct, we help many clients address these complex guidelines and looming deadlines through a flexible solution and workflow approach known as IWCO Direct 1to1℠.

IWCO Direct 1to1: A Game Changer

IWCO Direct 1to1 has changed the game for healthcare insurers. Processes that once required laborious resource effort and an exorbitant amount of time have been simplified using innovative technology solutions. Before engaging IWCO Direct 1to1, healthcare clients often experienced significant challenges trying to deliver timely pre- and post-enrollment communications due to complex logic and language needs. The tight AEP timeline imposed by regulatory agencies also created many issues around ensuring accurate content without sacrificing delivery schedules, especially if there was a required “last minute” change. In addition, ensuring compliance across numerous campaigns and versions resulted in significant time spent on change management processing and content validation. This led to increased risk, which could result in both fines and rework. This was a problem that needed a solution, and one for which IWCO Direct is delivering an answer.

IWCO Direct 1to1 provides the healthcare insurance industry a solution that reduces the overall time, cost, and effort needed during each AEP cycle while still ensuring accuracy and quality. It can house a multitude of creative layouts and versions that populate rapidly with relevant content using powerful business rules and existing reference information. This embedded capability reduces overall change management, as it streamlines communications. Ingesting client “sources of truth” directly into the application greatly reduces the need for manual programming and creates solution singularity. Since IWCO Direct 1to1 contains pre-built layouts and content, client business users can rapidly expand creative formats and versions based on market segmentation needs. Users can quickly drive personalized content using advanced logic and data uploads. If there is a change during the development process, it can quickly cascade through multiple versions, eliminating manual work and ensuring consistent content. Healthcare clients have found the numerous benefits related to dynamic content and personalization, simplified workflow, and straightforward user experience invaluable.

This tool is beneficial to many other verticals as well. IWCO Direct 1to1 is a secure cloud-based solution that offers users access to their communications anywhere and anytime. Clients can quickly implement changes and generate proofs immediately for review without requiring intervention. By using a single system of record for managing change and generating requests, multiple business users can engage simultaneously throughout the content development and approval process without risk of overlapping one another. Automatic notifications are delivered via email, so business users always have visibility, and the workflow is configurable to accommodate a variety of approval roles and requirements.

Creating Order From Chaos

IWCO Direct 1to1 provides healthcare insurers a powerful and configurable solution to finish AEP work faster, with fewer resources and reduced costs. The flexible design, ability to change content quickly, real-time validation, and unparalleled workflow and support have not only simplified AEP processes, but more importantly, eliminated chaos.

For more information on how IWCO Direct 1to1 can eliminate your chaos, contact me.

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