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As an Environmental Health and Safety Specialist (EHS) at IWCO, Hillary has her finger on the pulse of all safety and environmental concerns, ensuring IWCO is a great place to come to work every day. This four-year IWCO veteran is a graduate of Creighton University with a Bachelor of Science in biology. Her favorite part of her job is working closely with our front-line employees to embrace innovation and enhance their work experience. Outside of work, Hillary loves the great outdoors, and enjoys spending time with her family, hiking new trails with her dog, and cheering for the Vikings.

June was National Safety Month, and at IWCO, we are taking proactive steps to promote safety awareness and make employee safety our top priority throughout the year. We have two exciting initiatives that demonstrate our commitment to creating a culture of safety within our organization.

Elevating Safety Awareness Through Gamification

On Monday, June 12, our Production teams embarked on “The Safety 500,” an engaging month-long game developed by our Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) team. This game aims to make safety education fun by “gamifying safety” and focuses on the key messages of the National Safety Month initiative: emergency preparedness, slips/trips/falls, heat-related illness, and hazard recognition. Through interactive challenges and activities, teams and individuals have the opportunity to learn, share, and commit themselves to safety practices. By participating in “The Safety 500,” our production team members will earn rewards and recognition for their dedication to safety in the workplace. This game not only reinforces safe behaviors but also fosters teamwork and extends the culture of safety beyond the workplace and into our daily lives.

Strengthening Workplace Safety with Eye Protection

In addition to “The Safety 500,” in June, we began implementing a brand new eye protection policy to ensure the safety of everyone in our workplace. We understand the importance of vision and want to provide the best possible protection for our employees.

Did you know that every day, around 2,000 U.S. workers sustain job-related eye injuries that require medical treatment? This staggering number emphasizes the importance of implementing a robust eye protection policy and promoting safety awareness. At IWCO, we take these statistics seriously and are dedicated to ensuring that our employees have the necessary protection to prevent such injuries.

The eye protection policy we are implementing outlines specific requirements and guidelines for personal eye protection equipment that will be mandatory in all production areas. This new policy demonstrates our unwavering commitment to fostering a culture of safety and prioritizing the well-being of our employees. By taking proactive measures and investing in proper eye protection, we aim to prevent accidents and potential eye injuries in the workplace.

When we began this new safety initiative, we did so with the understanding that change can sometimes be challenging. We provided detailed information, training, and ample support to ensure a smooth transition to the new eye protection policy. We explained that their cooperation and participation in maintaining a safe workplace are crucial to its success. That together, we can safeguard our vision and create a workplace that prioritizes the health and safety of all team members.

Building a Culture of Safety: Our Journey Continues Beyond National Safety Month

As we close out National Safety Month, we’re excited to continue our journey toward a safer and more secure future for all our employees. IWCO strives to create an environment where safety is paramount and our employees know we stand with them to make a lasting impact on workplace safety.

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