IWCO Direct 1to1℠ Customer Communications Management Updates Enhance Speed, Flexibility, and Performance

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How do you keep customer communications relevant in an ever-changing landscape? The answer is to keep moving forward. And that’s what we’ve done by adding greater speed, flexibility, and performance to our technology solution. The IWCO Direct 1to1℠ solution team has the primary mission of continually expanding features and functions to provide responsive innovation. The recent version update of the IWCO Direct 1to1 customer communications management solution enhances the user experience and offers features to improve dynamic content management messaging capabilities and overall infrastructure performance.

Customer Communications Management Developed With Users in Mind

User experience is pivotal to the success of any solution. The IWCO Direct 1to1 platform offers a unique interface for business users to interact directly with content and marketing rules to deliver personalized multichannel messaging. Recently enhanced capabilities include more robust use of artificial intelligence to assist content authors in creating marketing messaging that meets response expectations. This coupled with a simple yet powerful Global Dashboard allows users to quickly obtain and view key information for a specific content version or across the entire multichannel communication portfolio.

A powerful filtering feature on the dashboard allows users to quickly compare content and understand key attributes:

  • Exact Matches refers to the number of messages that are duplicated throughout marketing communications, which can increase the overall effort needed to manage content and diminish the effectiveness of your messaging intent.
  • Similarities, unlike exact matches, indicate messaging that is comparable in intention, but may create undue levels of “mixed-messaging” confusion.
  • Reading Comprehension indicates whether the messaging has the clarity needed for the average person to understand its intent.
  • Sentiment represents the feeling that is evoked by the message content. Aiming for a neutral or positive message will aid in understanding and ensure the message is well-received by customers.
  • Brand conveys the tone of the message and will dictate how people perceive the organization. Tone needs to be consistent for the message to be perceived as professional and coherent.

IWCO Direct 1to1 was Designed to Drive Response

In addition to identifying these attributes, business users can easily make adjustments to their marketing content based on the information they receive from the dashboard. For example, a business user can remove all identified exact matches or similarities at one time to quickly consolidate and improve the quality of their content. The solution also features enhanced flexibility to manage message structure, so message types can quickly be changed by enabling or disabling certain content. This feature gives the business user more direct control and saves the user’s time and effort for change management. The enhanced experience allows for quick navigation and increased control and flexibility for dynamic, personalized customer communications management.

Along with improving overall user experience, these enhancements to the IWCO Direct 1to1 solution include expanded infrastructure performance and scalability. As the need for relevant, responsive marketing messaging continues to grow, the need to efficiently store more content has become essential. Expanded storage is at the core of streamlining the entire infrastructure to increase speed, reliability, and scalability. This infrastructure enhancement allows increased responsiveness for change management and improved overall system uptime. This gives business users the ability to manage even more content with increased speed. The modernized infrastructure also allows faster integration and increased system versatility.

Our team’s focus with IWCO Direct 1to1 is to deliver an agile, efficient, and comprehensive customer communications and content management tool that helps our clients be as successful as possible. This solution development ensures that new features, functions, and infrastructure enhancements continue to improve the overall business user experience by expanding interface capabilities and improving speed, flexibility, and infrastructure performance. For more information on how IWCO Direct 1to1 can transform your own marketing campaigns contact me.

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