Accelerating Speed to Market for Direct Marketing Campaigns

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The goal of any marketer is to achieve greater marketing ROI by “hitting the mark” with relevant, personalized messaging to drive response with cost efficiency. An increasingly important component of production efficiency is to develop marketing communications as rapidly as possible across all channels. Obviously, e-delivery (email, web, SMS/MMS) affords the opportunity to go quickly from idea to content creation to delivery.

Accelerating Speed to Market for Direct Marketing

The intriguing question is how to adapt and apply this same acceleration across direct marketing channels. Part of the answer is that software is not enough. Instead, visualize a world where innovative solutions exist that combine technology, flexible yet proven designs, production workflow, and business user interaction.

What would we want this solution to do? A few capabilities I can think of are:

  • Provide secure cloud-based communication management that simplifies collaborative interactions while maintaining secure access and data utilization.
  • Create and manage multi/omni channel marketing communications in a central environment.
  • Offer a simple, yet powerful, business user experience.
  • Carry preconfigured templates and layouts—designed by direct marketing experts—that drive dynamic personalized content for business users to review and choose.
  • Integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities to hone the messaging content.
  • Allow business users to place one or multiple orders depending on their campaign needs.
  • Enable a flexible and scalable workflow to meet current and future needs.

New Workflow Tools Drive Better Results

In addition to solution capabilities, the outcome is what matters. Workflow that enables quickly creating, refining, and delivering relevant, personalized marketing communications is mission critical when it comes to driving effective multichannel campaigns. Marketers need to be able to respond to both their prospects and existing customers in near real-time to deliver relevant messaging by accelerating the entire lifecycle from the initial identification of the marketing communication need to final content creation, validation, and delivery.

At IWCO Direct, we have been investing in our technology stack to offer solution capabilities and enhanced results. Our Interactive Marketing Communications Portal is a unique, customer-driven solution within our suite of dynamic content management services. It can bring your marketing idea from concept through the process of selection, interaction, validation, and delivery in a matter of hours while using a simplified collaborative workflow. The Interactive Marketing Communications Portal delivers agility and responsiveness across marketing channels by using a secure cloud-based communication management solution. This flexible, turnkey marketing solution designed by direct marketing experts drives dynamic content and rapid response marketing.

Our Interactive Marketing Communications Portal Puts You in Control

Through this innovative solution, you can place one or multiple orders depending on your campaign needs. This dynamic content management portal maintains a library of preconfigured templates and layouts for both print and email communications, which simultaneously delivers an effective multichannel journey. During the content management interactive experience, AI actively analyzes message content for readability levels, sentiment, and brand standards to ensure message consistency and compliance. Once content refinement is finished, you are able to review all content in real-time. This solution gives our clients complete control and offers a full self-service experience for order creation and content management.

Looking for a way to accelerate your speed to market with relevant messaging across all marketing channels? Contact me for more information on how we can collaborate to transform the speed of your marketing campaigns and enhance your results.

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