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Wes Sparling

Wes is an accomplished marketing strategist and direct marketing expert with more than 25 years experience, providing strategic marketing solutions to more than 100 blue chip clients. He works with clients to effectively use traditional broadcast media, non-traditional media, online marketing, and direct mail marketing to drive results, evaluating the effectiveness of current marketing efforts and setting strategic direction for future campaigns.

Wes is responsible for providing executive leadership, strategic direction, campaign strategy, and scientific test design. He believes nearly every element of the marketing mix is (and should be) measurable and accountable. An agency founder, entrepreneur and direct marketing expert he has held executive roles at firms including: Hunt Marketing (Hunt DDB Direct), Cramer-Krasselt, and Direct Partner (RAPP LA – An Omnicom Company).

As we head into Labor Day Weekend, the telltale signs of fall are beginning to appear and brands are starting to think about next year’s marketing plans and strategies. One continuing issue for direct marketers is finding the right balance between data and personalization to power successful campaigns.

I was recently asked to write an article for Mailing Systems Technology entitled, “How Changing Consumer Expectations and Behaviors Shape Omnichannel Direct Mail Strategy.” As I noted in the story, the ongoing tug-of-war between consumers wanting to protect their personal data, while also wanting personalized offers, is a challenge for marketers and consumers alike.

These insights that I cover in the article should be factored into your 2023 marketing plans:

  • Why offline data, predictive analytics, and other forms of data may have a larger role in the near future.
  • Why first-party data should inform your campaigns, and why direct mail shines in this respect.
  • How using one set of data with multiple messaging strategies sent through offline and online channels makes the most efficient use of your marketing budget.
  • The need to build trust, and how transparency is the key to that.

About Mailing Systems Technology

If you’re not a regular reader of the publication, Mailing Systems Technology focuses on helping mailing professionals improve “the quality, workflow, production, and delivery of customer communications and direct mail.” Other members from our team—including Kurt RuppelAshley Leone, and John Murray—have also contributed their expertise in recent years. Subscriptions are free and I would encourage you to look into the publication. And of course, if you have any question about using consumer data effectively and responsibly, or about your direct marketing plans for 2023, please let us know.

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