We Are Ushering in A Golden Age of Color Accuracy and Consistency

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Mike Todryk

Mike Todryk

Mike is a Manager, Color Technical Support (CTS) and Certified G7 Expert with decades of print and color management experience. He and the IWCO CTS team ensure all materials produced have consistent, accurate color that matches each client’s brand standards. He is affectionately known as “The Dude,” and is passionate about playing guitar, collecting vinyl records, and rooting for the Green Bay Packers.

Companies invest tremendous resources into developing the colors that represent their brand. With brand identity such an important matter, it’s no surprise they demand color accuracy and consistency across all their materials. However, this can create quite a challenge when various pieces are produced on different equipment, which are all calibrated differently, not to mention different substrates, which impact color accuracy.

Thankfully, we take color extremely seriously at IWCO Direct. Between our G7® Colorspace Master Qualification and the upcoming installation of our new digital presses, I firmly believe we are entering a golden age of color quality. 

Achieving G7® Colorspace Master Qualification Helps Ensure Color Accuracy

We were recently recertified as achieving G7 Colorspace Master Qualification across our platform. If you’re not familiar with the G7 standards, Colorspace is the most stringent level of G7 compliance recognized by Idealliance®. It assures our clients that their marketing materials will share the same high-quality appearance regardless of the equipment individual pieces are produced on. We originally achieved G7 Colorspace in 2018, and each year we must meet specific standards to maintain our standing. I can say with confidence that achieving Colorspace status on nearly every piece of equipment we have puts us in the upper echelon of companies in the world that print at our level of color accuracy and consistency.

New Digital Presses Will Improve Flexibility, Speed, and Color Quality

In June, we announced we would be making an investment of approximately $50 million to transform our technology and digital marketing capabilities, with a focus on state-of-the-art digital presses. We’ll be announcing more news on that soon but what I can tell you for now is that when we were evaluating the various technologies available, we knew being able to achieve G7 at a calibration level was one of the most important considerations. Another important factor was having an open system that would allow us to tailor our own techniques and processes, rather than be confined to proprietary profiling and color management software. We believe this gives us a greater level of consistency than we think anybody else has, quite honestly. I can also tell you that our new equipment is capable of printing at a speed and quality that rivals litho.

You Can Learn Even More at COLOR22

Finally, if you’re interested in learning more about color technology and color accuracy, you should consider attending the COLOR22 conference. With more than 40 sessions from some of the world’s top color experts, you’ll be able to take your knowledge about color accuracy to whole new levels. I will be presenting a session entitled, “Color is Everyone’s Business” on January 25th, where I will examine why it takes a team effort―from design to prepress to print production―to achieve accurate and consistent color. I will also share some of the successful process IWCO Direct has developed to ensure precise color reproduction across multiple devices and printing processes.

If you have any questions about our color processes or the COLOR22 event, please let me know.

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