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Marcus is a Senior Writer who blends creative writing and idea generation to bring copy to life for leading financial services organizations, professional sports teams, healthcare, and outdoor brands. The question this University of Minnesota graduate and former winner of the Best in Show from the National AgriMarketing Association loves to ask is, “How can I help?” When he’s not pounding out copy, he loves doing yard work, especially leaf blowing. In sports, Marcus cheers for the Humboldt Broncos, the Canadian hockey team that lost 10 players in a 2017 bus crash.

Let’s have a contest. The theme is “What do you hate more than direct mail?”

Talk among yourselves.

Okay, to be fair, maybe that’s too glib. Low hanging fruit and all that.

But it’s no surprise to those of us in the direct mail business that direct mail probably has a higher bar to clear to attract the attention of its target audience than other forms of marketing communication.

Thanks to our BETTERImpact System, we’re doing something about that, combining strategy, data, and analytics to increase the performance of our clients’ multichannel marketing campaigns.

But we know we can do even better. So we are.

The Creative Way IWCO is Making Better Happen

Howard Luck Gossage wrote one of the seminal books on advertising, The Book of Gossage. In it, he noted, “Nobody reads ads. People read what interests them, and sometimes it’s an ad.” Or, I’d argue, direct mail.

And why not? When were you ever bored into buying something? The last time I checked, there’s no law against direct mail being interesting, despite what you might be seeing in your mailbox.

But all the data-based analytics and targeting in the world (and as my colleagues James Hoskins has described, we’re really good at finding the right audience for your campaign) won’t help you if no one wants to open your envelope.

That’s why we’re also applying compelling ideas to direct mail to get your prospect to open the outer envelope and excited enough about your offer to respond. Whether it’s a “blind” envelope that makes you wonder who it’s from, an intriguing teaser line that you can’t ignore, or a crackerjack headline and offer on the letter, IWCO’s creative is all about performance improvement.

For more on this and the ways we’re lowering costs and improving response rates, visit our new website to check out some very interesting videos. Then contact us.

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