USPS Promotions are Becoming More Important Than Ever

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With a significant postage rate increase on the horizon, the postage discounts that can be earned from participating in USPS promotions have become increasingly important to many marketers. As an added bonus, these promotions encourage marketing techniques that can make the direct mail portion of multichannel campaigns more relevant and engaging for the recipients, driving higher response […]

Breaking Down the USPS Strategic Plan – Areas of Support and Concern

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Last week, the U.S. Postal Service released its long-awaited 10-Year Strategic Plan. The plan, entitled Delivering for America, outlines how the Postal Service proposes to achieve financial stability over the next ten years. The plan suggests the Postal Service will face $160 billion in losses over that timeframe if not adopted. (The mailing industry is skeptical […]

2021 Promises to be an Active Year in Postal Affairs

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When I last wrote about what was happening with the Postal Service, the agency was in the midst of an overwhelming holiday peak season, during which a COVID-driven drop in employee availability combined with record parcel volume had resulted in extreme delivery challenges in several parts of the country. I am happy to report that service […]

Why I Actually Like Informed Delivery, And Why You Would Too

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My brother, The Oldest And The Wisest of the Leone siblings, was recently telling me about all the preparations he was making to move to Puerto Rico. Since he doesn’t yet have a permanent address and is still keeping his residence in Minnesota, I—The Sibling Who Cares Most About Coupons—asked what he was going to […]