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Elements of a Strong IT Business Continuity Plan – IWCO Direct

What to Look for in Your IT Business Continuity Plan

Posted August 28, 2018 by in Data Security, Direct Marketing Trends

IWCO Direct has written several articles recently about the value and importance of operational business continuity (including topics from Mail-Gard, our dedicated print-to-mail recovery service), which helps us ensure that in the event of a business disruption, we’re prepared to keep the day-to-day operations of both our clients’ mailing programs and our own functioning  […]

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What You Should Know About Your Marketing Partner's Operations Security – IWCO Direct

What to Know About Your (and Your Marketing Partner’s) Operations Security

Posted July 20, 2018 by in Data Security, Direct Marketing Trends

We’ve written before about the importance of structuring your security practices to allow only necessary access to necessary people. Today, I’m going to describe what operations security means at IWCO Direct, its importance to our business, and what you should know about your marketing provider’s operations security measures. What Does “Operations Security” Entail? As  […]

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Data Protection and Information Security Hierarchies – IWCO Direct

When It Comes to Data Protection, Companies Must Structure and Control Access

Posted May 30, 2018 by in Data Security, Direct Marketing Trends

At IWCO Direct, we have a great responsibility to protect our clients’ information assets. In fact, this responsibility is a key driver of everything our security team does, from achieving certifications to ensuring we have the right security policies in place. While IWCO Direct is certainly concerned with protecting our own information, many of our  […]

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IWCO Direct Information Security Policy

Why Marketers Must Pay Close Attention to Their Vendors’ Information Security Policies

Posted March 21, 2018 by in Data Security, Direct Marketing Trends

Protecting data and information systems is of critical importance to IWCO Direct and our clients. Now more than ever, marketers need to be certain nothing is left to chance when it comes to the security of their data. Today we wanted to zero in on the crucial importance of an information security policy, and why  […]

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