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Warehouse manager talking with workers

Making Lean Management a Top-to-Bottom Effort

Posted May 31, 2019 by in Announcements

My colleague Meg Hanaman and I have been speaking a lot lately about the implementation of Steel Business System (SBS) methodology into our Continuous Improvement and Lean manufacturing efforts. As you can imagine with a company of our size, this is a huge undertaking that has already resulted in many process improvements across all departments [...]

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How We’re Streamlining Front-End Processes to Enhance Customer Experience

Posted September 21, 2018 by in Announcements

Followers of SpeakingDIRECT may recall my post from April detailing the changes we were testing and implementing on our front-end workflows. The project focused on where we could improve internally to increase efficiency to help enhance the customer experience. Our goal was to see where we could simplify processes, reduce queues, and enhance quality  […]

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