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Take Time for Veterans Day Before the Hustle and Bustle

Posted November 11, 2014 by in Announcements

The votes are in and the polls are closed, along with another election season (except for a few runoffs and recounts). I’m sure that many are breathing a sigh of relief now that the constant bombardment of endorsement ads has ended, but as grating as they can become, we should be thankful that they are  […]

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Bringing Experience to Customer Experience

Posted August 22, 2014 by in Direct Marketing Trends

At IWCO Direct, we have created a strong focus on service and the customer experience. We strive to provide our clients with the peace of mind to get their beauty sleep—each and every night, no matter how complex the campaign. In today’s environment of personalization and relevance, the successful direct marketer is a master of  […]

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Education and Engagement Lead to a Stronger Customer Experience

Posted April 23, 2014 by in Direct Marketing Trends

We’ve recently shared updates on some of the key ways we’re transforming the customer experience model at IWCO Direct. From streamlining our workflow processes to refining how we approach customer integration and onboarding, we’re committed to delivering a world-class customer experience. We also know that customer education and engagement play a crucial role in achieving  […]

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Three Tips for Successful Customer Onboarding

Posted March 14, 2014 by in Direct Marketing Trends

At IWCO Direct we know moving a direct mail program to a new vendor can be a challenging process. There’s a lot of work that goes into any program, and understanding that program and translating it into tangible results can be tricky, especially as part of a new partnership. To help relieve some of the  […]

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Great Customer Experience in Action

Posted February 19, 2014 by in Direct Marketing Trends

Bad customer experience can ruin your whole day. All too often call centers put you on hold for far too long or your waiter gets your order wrong. So when we run into excellent customer experiences, we like to celebrate them and learn from what was done right. Last week, I heard this story from  […]

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How Pizza Changed the B2B Customer Mindset

Posted January 22, 2014 by in Announcements, Direct Marketing Trends

We all know that technology continues to transform the ways companies serve consumers at a rapid pace. But have you thought about how these new conveniences are changing the mindset of B2B customers? One of the most noticeable changes is how access to real-time, detailed information in peoples’ personal lives is also becoming an expectation  […]

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Direct Mail Design: Color Boosts Overall Performance, Response

Posted February 20, 2013 by in Direct Mail Tips, Direct Marketing Trends

Full-color printing and its ability to increase overall response and recall has long been the focus of industry discussion. But as technology has evolved, so has the conversation to variable color printing. Debora Haskel’s comparison between the science of personalization and the art of relevance got me thinking: While both strategies are crucial to the  […]

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