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Data-Driven Marketing and Direct Mail Design – IWCO Direct

How Mailpiece Design is Evolving to Support Data-Driven Marketing

Posted May 4, 2018 by in Direct Mail Tips, Strategy and Analysis

In previous blog posts about data-driven marketing, I’ve touched on some of the key elements needed to ensure your campaign is set up for success, such as data hygiene, avoiding the Big Brother effect, and achieving true multi-channel integration. But a blog post recently published by my colleague, Mike Dietz, about factors influencing direct  […]

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Data-Driven Marketing Trends

Data-Driven Marketing Trends for 2018

Posted January 10, 2018 by in Direct Marketing Trends

Ah, the week before the New Year… otherwise known as “my week to catch up on absolutely everything I’ve been procrastinating about for the past month.” My house is clean, my inbox is organized, I’m writing this blog—and I’m reading up on articles predicting what 2018 has in store for marketers and their data-driven marketing  […]

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The ROI of Direct Mail

The ROI of Direct Mail Turns Skeptics into Believers

Posted October 4, 2017 by in Strategy and Analysis

At IWCO Direct, we benefit from working with some of the largest direct mailers in North America. Many of our clients have extremely sophisticated strategies in place, powered by entire teams of direct mail veterans who are responsible for driving hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue for their companies from the direct mail channel.  […]

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