We’re Making Better Happen with Unsurpassed Supply Chain Management

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The focus on supply chains has been unwavering since the start of the pandemic. However, the challenges are no longer only about meeting demand. Today, with signs pointing toward a slowdown of the economy, demand is tightening, and the role of supply chains is changing to become more strategic than ever before. Invariably, an estimated […]

Leveraging Our Purchasing Power to Navigate a Tight Paper Market

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It’s no secret marketers have been feeling the squeeze of a tight paper supply. The size of the North America pulp and paper market was $64.32 billion in 2021, with the U.S representing $59.54 billion of the total, as reported in Fortune Business Insights, April 2022 Market Research Report. North American production capacity of uncoated freesheet paper […]

Maintaining Focus on Our Environmental Footprint in a Weird Market

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The forces influencing today’s print industry and related sustainable printing efforts are complex and often confusing for printers and their clients. Key factors include electronic media, technology and innovation, environmental regulations, global economics, and increasing use of mobile and interactive platforms by consumers. Sustainable printing methods are becoming more and more popular as individuals and […]

Where is the Paper Market Headed in 2022?

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In 2021, the direct mail industry saw rapid and consistent change. Key influences of these changes included a shift in the U.S. remote workforce, global supply chain disruptions (particularly the paper market), and national labor shortages, which drove evolution as companies looked for new ways to reach consumers. We expect this period of rapid change […]

IWCO Direct Recognized for Sustainability Efforts

IWCO team picture for sustainability efforts

Since joining IWCO Direct in March, I have been impressed with the importance our company places on being good environmental stewards. We were recently honored to learn that IWCO Direct was recognized by Canopy, an international environmental non-governmental organization (NGO), for our sustainability efforts and continuing to prioritize forest conservation and low-footprint, sustainable paper sourcing throughout the challenges […]