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Two technical professionals examining server in server room with laptop, running diagnostics and problem-solving.

Ongoing Security Training Helps Us Stay Sharp

Posted November 22, 2019 by in Data Security

A year-end review of our data security means looking at every aspect of our program, even those that are performing well, to identify areas where we can be even better. While our Information Security team will certainly be joining in this time of reflection, it will be as part of the everyday commitment that is required to deliver effective security …

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Electrician installing security system

How Physical Security Controls Strengthen Data Security

Posted May 15, 2019 by in Data Security

People tend to think of data security as an online issue, with attempts to access important information being conducted from remote locations. Whether it’s a movie or TV show about an information heist or a news article about a data breach, such stories tend to present the culprit as a hooded scoundrel, hunched over a  […]

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Sharing Data with Marketing Partners – IWCO Direct

Three Ways Marketers Can Help Keep Their Data Secure

Posted February 19, 2019 by in Data Security

Personalized offers have become the hallmark of today’s direct marketing campaigns. But creating the highly relevant pieces that are driving response to new heights requires marketers to share customer and prospect data with their marketing partners. Those of us who are responsible for data security need to work together across the marketing supply chain to  […]

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A group of workers is looking at an iPad

What to Look for in Your IT Business Continuity Plan

Posted August 28, 2018 by in Data Security, Direct Marketing Trends

IWCO Direct has written several articles recently about the value and importance of operational business continuity (including topics from Mail-Gard, our dedicated print-to-mail recovery service), which helps us ensure that in the event of a business disruption, we’re prepared to keep the day-to-day operations of both our clients’ mailing programs and our own functioning  […]

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a woman pointing at a screen

What to Know About Your (and Your Marketing Partner’s) Operations Security

Posted July 20, 2018 by in Data Security, Direct Marketing Trends

We’ve written before about the importance of structuring your security practices to allow only necessary access to necessary people. Today, I’m going to describe what operations security means at IWCO Direct, its importance to our business, and what you should know about your marketing provider’s operations security measures. What Does “Operations Security” Entail? As  […]

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Data Protection and Information Security Hierarchies – IWCO Direct

When It Comes to Data Protection, Companies Must Structure and Control Access

Posted May 30, 2018 by in Data Security, Direct Marketing Trends

At IWCO Direct, we have a great responsibility to protect our clients’ information assets. In fact, this responsibility is a key driver of everything our security team does, from achieving certifications to ensuring we have the right security policies in place. While IWCO Direct is certainly concerned with protecting our own information, many of our  […]

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