Direct Mail Offers a Lightbulb Moment for Email-Weary Consumers

Teenage Girl collecting mail from mailbox

When I explain to people what IWCO does, there’s often a bit of head-scratching when I get to our mail services. There’s an automatic assumption that mail is a dying marketing channel. This happened just recently, when I went to my sister’s house to watch a hockey game with her and my brother-in-law, Mike. (I […]

Get Your Business Booming by Marketing to Baby Boomers

Group of elders posing for picture

Normally, I preach about the benefits of marketing to the newest generations of buyers, Gen Z and millennials, and for good reason—these two generations represent $165 billion in spending, and earning their loyalty now could mean decades of repeat purchases in the future. But that’s not to say that the young bucks are the only generations […]

Understanding Gen Z: The Next Generation of Consumers

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In case you’ve missed it, millennials are no longer the new kids on the block. While they are still a generation with massive purchasing power and sway, Gen Z is the newest “unknown” for marketers. Unfortunately, the time for marketers to get a head start on understanding Gen Z and figuring out the wants and […]

Integrating Digital and Physical Media Drives Success with Millennials and Gen Z

Person scanning QR code

It’s no mystery why brands want to market to millennials and Gen Z consumers. The U.S. alone is home to approximately 87.5 million millennials (born 1981-1996). That sounds impressive—until you learn that the latter Gen Z (born 1996-2012) is the largest generation in American history, making up 27% of the population. Together, the two generations hold $165 billion in […]

Why Brands Shouldn’t Ignore Social Media for Customer Service

Group of people sitting on phones wearing masks

Several months ago, after a heavy rainfall, 11 units and four hallways at my condo flooded from a fallen hallway pipe. The building management held a meeting about the flooding. They revealed that the building’s insurance was not going to pay for the water damage. People stood up from their chairs. Yelling ensued. Everyone wanted […]

People Don’t Like Work Email – Is It Time to Re-Evaluate How Employees Communicate?

Person send emails on laptop

We’ve talked before about how millennials have been labeled lethal when it comes to trends, industries, and established norms. Add one more to the list that you wouldn’t expect: the work email. This past week, The New York Times published an article whose title posed the question: Could Gen Z Free the World from Email? The piece focuses […]

Why I Actually Like Informed Delivery, And Why You Would Too

Woman accessing locked mailbox

My brother, The Oldest And The Wisest of the Leone siblings, was recently telling me about all the preparations he was making to move to Puerto Rico. Since he doesn’t yet have a permanent address and is still keeping his residence in Minnesota, I—The Sibling Who Cares Most About Coupons—asked what he was going to […]

Authenticity and Transparency Are Key When Connecting with Millennials and Gen Z

Woman holding sign stating "We need a change"

Consider what millennials and Gen Zers spent their formative years witnessing: 9/11, stock market crashes, economic recessions, mass unemployment, global warming and climate change, and other none-too-pleasant events and worst-case scenarios. Oh, and a global pandemic, though classifying that as a “formative years” event—even for Gen Z—may be a bit generous. This has led to […]