Put Customers First is the Common Thread at the ANA Masters of Data and Technology Conference

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As Director, Marketing & Account Services, Siri utilizes her diverse background in advertising, marketing, and sales leadership to build strong client relationships, manage internal teams, and develop high performing direct marketing programs. Throughout her career she has worked with clients such as 3M, Cargill, Honeywell, Microsoft, and Zillow. She is a graduate of Wells College and holds an MA from the University of St. Mary. Her mantras are to listen with intent, be in the moment, be authentic, and as Yoda says, “Do. Or do not. There is no try."

This past week, many members of our team were able to attend the 2021 ANA Masters of Data and Technology Conference. The online sessions were jam-packed with marketing and strategy executives from a wide variety of big-name brands. There was a lot of material to cover, and a lot of great takeaways. Here are some key points and highlights of some of our team’s favorite sessions:

Technology or “Different” in the Financial Service Industry

Presenter: Andrea Brimmer, Chief Marketing and PR Officer, Ally

Takeaway: Successful digital brands focus on users, not buyers. Companies need to put the customer at the center of their marketing and integrate experiences across channels.

Lack of Data or Lack of Application?  It’s Complex But Not Complicated

Presenter: Mayur Gupta, Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer, Gannett

Takeaway: Data and creativity aren’t either/or, they need to be both/and. Good marketing finds the link between data and creativity and balances between measurable and non-measurable marketing (but the bulk of marketing spend should be with measurable tactics). We need to have context and content together―understand the “why” behind the “what.”

How to Do Everything at Once: Table Stakes for Advertising in 2021

Presenter: Melinda Han Williams, Chief Data Scientist, Dstillery

Takeaway: A major challenge in 2021 is working in today’s often-changing landscape. Cookies will be going away as a way to target about two years from now. The best approach, knowing that cookies will end, is to not quit cookies today thinking that will prepare you. Marry today’s and tomorrow’s best solutions at once, giving you the best performance.

Data Strategies from Overload to Insights

Presenter: Christopher Karpenko, Executive Director, Brand Marketing, USPS

Takeaway: Although personal data powers marketing, consumers are increasingly intentional about what types of data they share, and with whom.

  • 73% of marketers think consumers trust their use of personal data; 13% of consumers are comfortable with how brands use personal data
  • Direct mail campaigns paired with retargeting capabilities have realized a return on investment as high as 300%
  • 84% of consumers say experience is as important as products and services

Strategies that Reset the Data and Technology Stage for 2022

Presenter: Ericka Podesta McCoy, CMO, Resonate

Takeaway: We can’t just look at “markets,” we need to look at individuals. Marketing needs to reinforce brand values in an authentic way because we are moving toward a “normalized pandemic reality” in which consumer relationships with brands have changed forever; we need data unification and enrichment to gain a holistic view of the customer.

ROI to Sender with Advanced Addressable Direct Mail

Presenter: David Tucker, SVP, Managing Director US Strategy, MAGNA Group

Takeaway: Mail is the third largest marketing channel, and high involvement/high touch industries benefit the most from direct mail. Benefits of direct mail include its physicality and long-lasting impact. People keep mail around longer while digital messages are deleted.

Mastering your Data and Technology: A Marketing Imperative

Presenter: Raja Rajamannar, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, and President Healthcare Business, Mastercard

Takeaway: In each interaction―loyalty needs to be the focus; we need to be able to reach customers while respecting their privacy.

Driving the Movement to Zero Emissions

Presenter: Deborah Wahl, Global CMO, General Motors

Takeaway: Our goal should not just be to win a consumer’s consent to share data, but to use that data to personalize the experience to the individual, making it valuable to them―personalized experiences drive engagement and purchases. In addition, a centralized data management architecture is important to making data accessible.

What were your favorite takeaways from the ANA Masters of Data and Technology Conference? Let us know! And if you’re looking for a direct marketing partner who can help you implement the latest strategy, data, and technology expertise to help your campaigns perform better, contact us.

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