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Is Your Business Continuity Plan Adapting to Our Post-COVID World?

Brian Murphy

The world is slowly moving closer to “business as usual” after COVID-19 changed everything. Yet savvy business owners know that the world will never be quite the same again. Many are adapting a hybrid work policy, allowing workers to come back to the office, but still work from home for part of the week. We are all experiencing rising costs and shortages in raw materials and labor. On top of this is the constant threat of cyber-attacks. COVID-19 has brought to the forefront the need to have a new type of business continuity plan that incorporates multiple scenarios that were not previously necessary in pre-endemic times. This is especially true for print-to-mail operations.

Adapting Your Business Continuity Plan

Our environment is in a state of perpetual change as a result of demand and constraints found in today’s global market. This is not only evident in the print-to-mail industry, but internationally as well, with supply chain shortages affecting the global economy. In the past, our disaster recovery clients’ business continuity plans mostly focused on the structural integrity of their buildings and infrastructure and only lightly touched on consumables and personnel; a strong plan now needs to take all these elements into account to ensure continuing operations during critical times. We know there may be challenges ahead but having a solid business continuity plan can get you through these rough patches and enable you to continue to succeed in your print-to-mail program. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Turnaround Times: The time frame for obtaining consumable products has changed, leading Mail-Gard’s teams to adapt new workflows to account for these challenges.
  • Logistics: Since it may take longer to send and receive products, Mail-Gard’s logistics’ schedules have been modified to account for any potential delays.
  • Limited Supply: Availability of consumables can be limited, which may force companies to source from multiple vendors to maintain a steady workflow. Mail-Gard is fortunate to have reliable business partners who can assist in this effort.
  • Projected Volume: Increases in production are now being identified sooner by our teams in order to prepare workflows, as well as procure resources.

For these reasons, your new business continuity plan needs to incorporate all aspects of this uncertain world to ensure coverage if it becomes necessary to activate it. A well-versed plan is imperative. By making sure the business continuity plan is up-to-date, thoroughly scrutinized by all departments, and well-practiced, the transition to activation will be made easier for the entire team, should it need to be deployed.

Resiliency is Still Key

As I observed in a post last fall, resiliency is more important than ever, and needs to be incorporated throughout your business continuity planning. As the world moves forward and adapts to a new normal, you need to ensure that your plan is evolving to absorb change as it occurs.

Need help in developing an effective business continuity plan with the flexibility to adapt if new situations arise? Contact the experts at Mail-Gard. We have the resources, know-how, and capability to guide you in developing a robust plan to fit your needs.

link https://www.iwco.com/blog/2022/06/15/adapting-business-continuity-plans/
Brian Murphy


Brian Murphy

As Director of Operations at Mail-Gard, Brian brings a commitment to teamwork and a lead-by-example philosophy to work each day. Serving for more than 20 years with the company, he is involved in all aspects of the business, from operations to Continuous Improvement to sales and customer service – ensuring Mail-Gard’s print-to-mail recovery services are always ready to send critical communications at a moment’s notice. He is an avid Philadelphia Flyers fan who enjoys playing ice hockey himself.

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