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Employee Engagement Is More Important Now Than Ever

Sarah Corrigan

We all can agree that the pandemic has driven more than the average amount of life changes. Over the past 18 months, we’ve had to adapt how we work and play a number of times. Frankly, it’s exhausting, and there’s a reason.

Lacking “Surge Capacity” Results in Change Fatigue

According to author Ann Masten, a psychologist and professor of child development at the University of Minnesota, our “surge capacity”―the collection of mental and physical adaptive systems we draw on in acutely stressful situations―is limited. Our surge capacity is meant to help us adapt in emergencies, not conditions like the pandemic, which has become chronic. COVID-19 has depleted our surge capacity and left us experiencing change fatigue.

What if Change is Needed When You’re Fatigued?

You might wonder why, given these circumstances, IWCO Direct chose now to undertake a historic business transformation? Looking at the pandemic again, it changed the way people are spending their money. These trends directly impact how our clients need to market products and services to be successful. Looking at our clients’ goals, now is the perfect time to make dynamic and aggressive changes to best support and maximize return on their marketing investment.

Employee Engagement can Help

Boldly repositioning ourselves to help clients thrive requires change despite the fact that the pandemic has left almost everyone “change fatigued.” How are we working to restore their surge capacity and give them the get-up-and-go they need to execute our transformation strategy? Engagement.

Employee engagement provides a sense of purpose and belonging that can counteract change fatigue and revitalize our team. By supporting and connecting with our employees, we not only help them advance their personal goals, our team expends discretionary effort to help us achieve Company goals, as well. Call it going above and beyond, but when the team purposefully makes the additional commitment to ensure the client gets exactly what they want when they want it, that’s when our employees are most engaged.

Achieving engagement can be tough in good times, let alone when folks are fatigued. But, experts agree, it is exactly when companies need to drive employee engagement the most. At IWCO Direct, we’re up for the challenge of providing a positive work experience in a way that makes our employees feel appreciated and lets them know that their contribution makes a difference.

IWCO Direct employees celebrated “Trunk or Treat” by decorating their cars and passing out treats in the parking lot in Chanhassen, where the weather cooperated, and inside our Hamburg facility, where the weather did not.

Focus on the Big Rocks and the Pebbles

We are investing in the big rocks―redefining our mission, communicating each employee’s purpose, driving recognition often and on-the-spot, and encouraging leaders to develop and support their teams. We also are focusing on the pebbles―doing the little things that make each day just a little better: celebrating zero recordables with pizza, hosting our families for Trunk-or-Treat in the parking lot, collecting pet food together so we can support local animal shelters as a team.

Giving Our Clients the Best We Have to Offer

Our employees spend a lot of time with us and working hard for the company and our clients. They deserve the best we can offer, especially as we work as a team through the challenges presented by the pandemic and our business transformation. We’re working hard to get it right, and that means thinking each day about our team’s experience and giving our team all we can, as a thanks for all they give to us.

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Sarah Corrigan


Sarah Corrigan

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