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Our Strategy is Put to the Test with Champion vs Challenger Testing

Ted Grigg

Have you ever wondered if your direct mail package is performing as well as it could? Are you certain you’re reaching the people most likely to buy, or that the creative truly captures your audience’s attention? One way to know for certain is to conduct Champion vs. Challenger testing.

Our team is increasingly involved in these conversations with clients and key prospects to help them determine if there is a better approach to their existing direct marketing efforts. We’re happy to participate in Champion vs. Challenger testing, provided the client or prospect agrees to mail our package in order to truly examine how our work compares with others.

When we are asked to compete in a Champion vs. Challenger situation, we examine who the client is targeting, the offer, the call-to-action, the direct mail format, and the results of past testing efforts so we don’t retest what has already been proven not to work. We then create the testing structure to make sure we test it against the existing control for statistically reliable back-end response analysis. By feeding the client’s existing controls into a multivariate testing environment, we can test the performance of a variety of creative aspects simultaneously ―everything from headlines, subheads,  guarantees, and pricing for the best possible mail performance.

Our Teams Align to Predict Response

Of course, data is at the heart of everything we do. Our Strategy and Data and Analytics Team brings strong credentials to conduct Champion vs. Challenger testing effectively. By developing a sophisticated direct response model by identifying prospects by name who most look and act like the client’s existing customers, we reach maximum response rates.

Once that has been developed, our Creative Team reviews the existing copy, messaging, and package format to make improvements or recommend a new format. Since we produce and distribute billions of pieces of mail for clients across a range of industries, we have a unique vantage point to understand what works in the mail and what doesn’t.

After we’ve made our recommendations, both Challenger and Champion packages are mailed. We can then analyze the response data and determine how much our approach was able to improve results compared to the Champion package.

A Focus on Business Objectives, Not Channels

With any engagement we undertake, our objective is to help clients realize a greater return on their marketing investment. In many cases, we’re able to achieve a greater ROI by decreasing mail volumes while increasing response and conversion rates. Other times, our creative work better engages recipients, beating longstanding controls and driving greater ROI.

If you’re not certain you’re mailing to the right people, have the right offer, or are presenting it in the most effective way possible, it’s always wise to get a second opinion. Please let me know if you’d like to put us to the test.

link https://www.iwco.com/blog/2021/09/08/champion-challenger-testing-for-direct-mail/
Ted Grigg


Ted Grigg

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