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Marrying Direct Mail and Social Media for an Authentic Brand Experience

Tedd Aurelius

We’re always on the lookout for bold and innovative ways to improve our clients’ performance marketing efforts and provide a more authentic brand experience. For many clients, an effective technique to accomplish this is to marry direct mail and social media efforts to create multiple, cohesive touchpoints that connect with specific individuals throughout their day and across channels.

The Direct Mail and Social Media Marriage

We recommend testing and ultimately deploying direct mail and social media channels together after we have done the work to deeply understand our client’s business objectives. Before testing any specific channel mix we first want to understand what is working currently and what is not. That requires data mining. In the data mining process we dig into our client’s data to learn everything we can. For example we want to understand our clients’ customers in-depth―their purchase habits, what channels they prefer, and how to best connect with them on an individual basis.

Our Data and Analytics and Strategy teams apply first-party data and predictive analytics to understand each individual. Using the right tools and strategies, such as custom audiences on Facebook, we’re able to match the social media audiences with direct mail lists, and align our marketing on a pure one-to-one level to create a more measured and responsive approach.

A Model to Leverage Loyal Connections

Here is an example of using social media and mail in concert. Subaru has a passionate customer base. When Subaru rolled out its latest car model, they identified Subaru owners who purchased a vehicle within the last five or ten years. Direct mail pieces sent to these owners highlighted the advances that have been made since their last purchase―the latest safety and efficiency features, along with entertainment and technology upgrades. Shortly after those direct mail packages were delivered, social media ads with the same tone, look, and feel as the direct mail packages encouraged a test drive of the new model at their local dealership.

Connecting with target audiences through multiple channels on a one-to-one basis benefits marketers and consumers alike. Using the knowledge that you have about a person automatically makes the message more relevant and the recipient more likely to respond. Presenting it to them through multiple channels also helps reach them throughout their customer journey.

Integrating Data, Strategy and Production

Of course, effectively marrying direct mail with social media requires the right partner. You need data and analytics expertise to identify who is most likely to be interested and responsive to your offer. You need strategists and creatives who can turn the data into relevant messaging with designs that connect paper and pixels in a cohesive manner to make the offer instantly recognizable. You need a direct mail production partner with the capabilities to produce personalized offers at high volumes. Finally, you need the postal logistics expertise to control in-home dates so you can coordinate delivery with your social media efforts.

If you would like to learn more about making your performance marketing efforts more authentic and more effective, please let me know. We’d be happy to discuss our approach and what we can do to increase the return on your marketing investment.

link https://www.iwco.com/blog/2021/08/18/direct-mail-social-media/
Tedd Aurelius


Tedd Aurelius

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