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Integrated Marketing Approach Delivers Measurable Results

Mike Parker

We all know the old saying ‘may you live in interesting times,’ which is often described as being both a blessing and a curse. We have certainly seen the continued pace of change in the marketing industry around us―and in direct marketing specifically, but I strongly believe these are in fact exciting times for IWCO Direct and our business. Today, marketers are under pressure to deliver measurable results and improve business performance from their marketing investments, and our clients continue to value direct marketing because it works. We regularly see the effectiveness of our programs in creating new customers and driving increased sales across a wide range of categories. In a time where the industry looks to greater levels of personalization across marketing channels, we know that the power of direct has always been that it is about an understanding of and a one-to-one engagement with an individual consumer.

That said, we know that direct also competes against other tactics and channels, some of which are perceived as more ‘cost efficient.’ For example, it certainly costs less to deliver an email than a direct mail package through the USPS, but our business is about driving return on marketing investment (ROMI) and maximizing total measurable results, and today we see the growing fatigue with and lack of response from the email inbox. As we look at our business and the role IWCO Direct plays for our clients, we focus every day on the idea that we are in the business of delivering ROMI, of maximizing the performance of our clients’ direct marketing programs. One part of how we do that is to look at how we can drive maximum cost efficiency across the programs we produce, including leveraging our industry-leading postal strategy and logistics team and adding key talent like Ken McDonald to head our supply chain team.

Direct Marketing Expertise Drives Client Success with Measurable Results

On the other hand, we are also very much in the business of harnessing the expertise of our team in enhancing the performance of our clients’ direct marketing programs. With our experience working with leading brands across a range of categories, we recognize the power of effective modeling and segmentation, and we see first-hand what is working to engage consumers in the mailbox from a design perspective. Moving forward, we believe that these capabilities are going to be increasingly valuable to our clients and the success of their programs and critical for driving growth in our business. With that in mind, we are investing in key parts of our marketing services organization, including:

  • Expansion of our data, segmentation, and analytics practice. The success of direct marketing programs starts with the data. We continue to build out our access to the industry’s best data sources, as well as our ability to provide highly sophisticated modeling and segmentation. We also connect with our clients to evaluate program performance and propose testing and optimization strategies that drive an increase in measurable results.
  • Growth of our creative services team. Direct marketing is a unique channel, requiring a unique approach to ensure customer engagement and results. Building on our team’s years of expertise in the direct marketing space, we continue to expand our strategic, creative leadership and provide design work that is unique in the marketplace.

Maximize the Performance of Your Marketing Program

As I recently discussed with Adweek, going forward, we believe that direct marketing cannot exist in a silo apart from other marketing channels if overall marketing ROMI is to be maximized. We are investing in digital media and marketing services and identifying strategies to connect direct marketing activity with digital, social media, and email activity to identify and maximize overall omnichannel performance.

While the foundation of our business continues to be our powerful production platform, the combination of that platform with our strategic leadership in helping clients maximize their programs is where we can be true ROMI driving partners.

Want to learn more about how we do it? Contact me here. Exciting times, indeed!

link https://www.iwco.com/blog/2021/04/08/delivering-measurable-results/
Mike Parker


Mike Parker

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