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IWCO Direct Launches Innovation Initiative

Meg Hanaman

We are excited to announce a new corporate-wide innovation initiative that is focused on developing new, creative ways of engaging with our clients, our partners, and our internal teams to drive cost and process innovations for both IWCO Direct and our clients. This project will approach innovation from multiple facets, ensuring that the innovations we invest in are needed, wanted, and effective. IWCO Direct’s Continuous Improvement (CI) team is providing project management support for these efforts, which will add value for clients (cost optimization, process improvement, and performance enhancement), while continuing to set us apart from our competition.

This initiative examines innovation from three angles with teams focused on Servicing and Solutions, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), and Strategic Partners. This approach will gather competitive insights and identify innovative ideas by leveraging voice of customer, external partnerships, industry intelligence, and macro trends in innovation. It will also connect key players across IWCO Direct’s platform to bring unique perspectives and insights to drive prioritization and generate stronger solutions.

Providing New Opportunities for Clients

The Servicing and Solutions team is addressing creative ways to provide new opportunities for our clients, specifically examining our current set of agency services and offerings and how we can leverage them for data-driven, quick-turn marketing campaigns. This team will consider how we can better create a continuous flow of new ideas, how we stay relevant, and how we can gather data to show what’s working and what’s not.

One way the Servicing and Solutions team is achieving this is by holding a Kaizen for an innovation library that would house different concepts and formats in a central repository with tags on themes and problems the creative is solving to allow for easy knowledge sharing across verticals.

Engaging Manufacturers

As part of the innovation initiative, the OEM team is working on new ways to partner with our equipment manufacturers. Its goal is to broaden our awareness of current and future products in market and bring the perspective and needs of our clients to the OEMs’ research and development teams. Engaging with our equipment manufacturers more deeply will also allow us to see upcoming innovations and offerings and learn of trends and technologies before they hit the larger market.

Strengthening Partnerships

The Strategic Partners team is focused on innovative ways to engage our supply chain vendors and outsource partners to expand our offerings. Their goal is strengthening our strategic partnerships with a focus on our marketing services to broaden our current suite of products and capabilities. They will evaluate how we can optimize the resources we and our partners already have and connect with media partners and agencies.

Innovation Initiative in Action

We are still in the ideation and discovery phases of what we can do to expand our services and offerings. As we collect information on what’s out there, what’s coming soon, and what’s needed, we’ll need to prioritize which innovations we first want to explore, and what the barometers are for success. This will include a funnel process for testing, validating, and implementing these innovations across our platform in a quick, efficient, and scalable manner.

As we move forward with this innovation initiative, we’ll keep you posted on what exciting new ideas, technologies, and processes we’re discovering and how they can add value for our clients. I can’t wait to see what comes next.

link https://www.iwco.com/blog/2021/01/13/innovation-initiative/
Meg Hanaman


Meg Hanaman

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