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Interactive Content Management Delivers Direct Marketing at the Speed of Need

David Klempke, PMP

What do we mean by “Direct Marketing at the Speed of Need”? Simply stated, it is the ability to quickly reach existing or potential customers or members with pertinent and personalized marketing content regardless of the channel. Web browsing offers a great example of rapid response marketing with its ability to provide relevant content based upon response and search criteria. Who hasn’t experienced advertisements in your web browser based on your various searches? It can be quite effective—so how do we extend this capability into multichannel delivery, specifically email and direct mail marketing?

Interactive Content Management Combines Agility and Creativity

The answer lies in a combination of agile workflow and creative technology solutions. IWCO Direct not only recognizes, but actively embraces, the need for rapid, responsive marketing communications that deliver personalized content across a multichannel journey. A powerful marketing value proposition emerges for our clients when we couple a collaborative service offering with secure cloud-based interactive content management applications to help them reach their prospects at “the speed of need.”

The key to ensuring effective marketing campaigns starts with utilizing creative layouts that are proven to catch the attention of consumers and yield high response rates. Through years of creative design and direct marketing experience, IWCO Direct is able to offer marketing communication layouts to our clients that get results, while providing a secure, interactive content management experience that brings a variety of benefits. Our multichannel marketing capabilities support our clients’ marketing communications within a single cloud-based portal. Clients can conveniently select predefined layouts to drive rapid response marketing and ensure the execution of successful campaigns.

Within the program, clients can simultaneously interact with a central order entry system where they can quickly select layouts, make changes, and generate proofs. Although several business users may be working in the order entry system at once, the portal is a secure environment that will only allow each user to interact with their specific content. In addition, due to the flexible configuration of the portal, each individual is able to take advantage of multiple methods for communication creation and ordering.

Users can complete an order using the “interview” process and the interactive experience. The interview process allows clients to use predetermined fields to capture order information and build unique correspondence based on choices. The interactive experience allows users to continually refine content before the final production release. Each capability offers a convenient, “on-demand” method that allows multiple users to contribute and interact throughout the development cycle. These content interactions not only include working with predefined email and direct mail letter templates, but also a variety of format components.

Increased Direct Marketing Efficiency and Reduced Costs

For direct mail marketing communications, letters, cards, envelopes, and inserts can also be managed through the secure portal. Once clients complete the order management process, the individual orders are batched together for production. Each business user is able to maintain their own unique content since the program is able to support multiple creative versions running in one production stream.

Behind the scenes, all corresponding data files can be aggregated to support this single production run and simplify data processing. The ability to run several orders in one stream increases production efficiencies, optimizes workflow, and reduces overall cost. This workflow reduces machine set-up time, spoilage, and labor. In addition, clients can achieve significant postage and production cost savings.

The flexibility of the solution also easily scales to allow for expanded creative and personalized content. Since the portal already maintains predefined templates, new clients can easily migrate to this solution, virtually hit the ground running, and begin the dynamic content development and management of their marketing communications. Ambitious to be sure, but rapid and direct response marketing demands synergy and—most importantly—timeliness across all channels, segments, and demographics.

The goal of direct marketing service providers is first and foremost partnering with clients to achieve their strategic marketing objectives. Second, it is to ensure relevancy to that partnership by delivering incremental benefits to improve the overall workflow by expediting the communication development and delivery process, thereby improving the customer experience and maximizing return on marketing investment.

IWCO Direct delivers a comprehensive and flexible solution that offers clients a secure, central environment to manage those marketing communications. Our unique solution offers clients rapid response marketing, cost savings, and a simplified interactive workflow. Contact me for more information on this solution and how it can transform your own marketing campaign strategy.

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David Klempke, PMP


David Klempke, PMP

As Director, Project Management Office, Dave works with his team to help develop strategic business solutions for our clients to achieve results that exceed expectations. He has a BA and an MBA from Augsburg University, along with a Project Management Professional Certification from the Project Management Institute. Dave is a college instructor, avid kayaker, traveler, lifelong learner, and sports enthusiast with moderate expectations. (Minnesota will do that to you.)

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