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Mike Todryk

IWCO Direct’s Color Technical Support (CTS) team has had an active year continuing to sharpen our color management tools to ensure even better color fidelity for our clients’ printed products. Here are some of the latest projects that have been keeping us busy:

New Calibration Method

One of our biggest color management achievements this year has been the introduction of a new calibration method for our Océ ColorStream inkjet digital presses. CTS created a calibration method that incorporates G7 into the actual calibration process. This new calibration method allows us to increase the stabilization of the presses, create a closer device-to-device match between presses, and increase efficiencies across the board.

After months of extensive testing, we rolled out the new calibration method across all of our ColorStream presses in Chanhassen and Hamburg at the end of February. We saw immediate results. One of the main metrics we use to assess the accuracy of our presses was cut by more than half (lower is better for this metric). In fact, all of our process control metrics improved! Our device-to-device accuracy is now at levels unseen in the industry, allowing our scheduling team greater flexibility in moving jobs across equipment. Press stability and efficiencies are up, the need to recalibrate is down, and our ability to use process control metrics to drive change has never been better.

G7 Master Colorspace Facility Status

We have finished almost all of our G7 press runs to recertify as a G7 Master Colorspace Facility. For those who are unaware, G7 Colorspace is the highest level of certification and is usually reserved for proofing systems. IWCO Direct’s G7 Master Colorspace certification across all platforms and technologies puts us in the upper echelon of printers in the industry. We are currently working with Idealliance to renew the certification of our Minnesota facilities. Our Pennsylvania facilities will be recertified in January 2021.

G7 Certification for Flexo Printing

Continuing on the G7 note, IWCO Direct has been working toward earning G7 certification for our Flexo envelope printing by the end of the year. Even with the current COVID-19 challenges, we have been able to make good progress. Doug Brustad, director print operations, has been testing enhanced flexo plate technologies that will allow us to achieve G7 tolerances with our envelope converters. We have more testing coming this month and look forward to finalization in the near future.

While 2020 has seen more than its fair share of challenges and disruption, IWCO Direct always finds a way to weather the storms. CTS is grateful to all the individuals that have supported us on these color management projects, and together we will finish this crazy year strong. Stay safe everyone.

link https://www.iwco.com/blog/2020/09/02/color-management-project-results/
Mike Todryk


Mike Todryk

Mike Todryk is a Manager Color Technical Support for IWCO Direct, the leading direct mail marketing services provider in North America. Mike has been in the printing industry for 25+ years, specializing in Color Management for the last 22. He cut his teeth in the demanding world of dye sublimation before transitioning into commercial print. Mike became a G7 expert in 2008, helping his company to become one of the very first G7 Master printers that was exclusively dye sub. Mike is the resident G7 contact for IWCO Direct in Minnesota. When Mike is not geeking out on color, he enjoys playing his guitar and spending time with his family.

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