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Content Centricity 2020

Intelligent Approaches to Content Management Can Transform the Customer Experience

David Klempke, PMP

As companies strive to identify ways to improve customer experience, they can encounter “best practices” information overload. One of the biggest challenges is defining what makes a meaningful experience and how best to implement effective solutions. The infographic you see here provides insight defining some of the key drivers for marketing messaging, but you typically need more. That’s where industry conferences and partnerships play an increasingly important role for companies’ successful customer experience evolutions.

Content Centricity 2020, sponsored by Messagepoint, was held in February when we were all still able to travel. The two-day event focused on how to evolve customer communications by effectively leveraging both technology and organizational structure. The focus was on customer experience strategy, artificial intelligence (AI)- driven messaging, connectivity, and ongoing solution development.

Industry Leaders and Innovators Came Together at Content Centricity 2020

Keynote speeches, technical presentations, and interactive demonstrations were led by an impressive cast of innovative leaders, professionals from a vast landscape of industries, and team members who support Messagepoint’s globally recognized Customer Communications Management (CCM) platform. One of these presentations was hosted by our own IWCO Direct Dynamic Content Management (DCM) team. This presentation showcased our IWCO Direct 1to1SM, powered by Messagepoint, solution capabilities and our unique approach to partnering with clients to empower their marketing strategy.

Focusing on Customer Experience

Customer experience was a resounding theme throughout the conference. Keynote speakers discussed just how imperative good customer experience is, and how essential it is not to miss those “micromoments.” Micromoments are the small experiences that can either make or break your trust with a company; these are the moments that help build a brand and elicit the trust of customers. Sometimes these moments are completely overlooked, but they are the ones that truly count.

Customer experience is formed through perceptions, expectations, and emotions. This is why it is so important to be customer centric and focus on every moment and every communication you have with customers. Even one bad experience can have a detrimental impact on a business relationship. When it comes to making positive moments and building trust in your communications, consistency across channels is key. Therefore, interconnected and personalized multi/omnichannel solutions continue to be a focal point in marketing strategies.

The Importance of Seamless Customer Communications

Enabling multi/omnichannel journeys was another hot topic during the conference. Messagepoint has recently developed connectivity capabilities between their CCM solution and the Salesforce Sales/Service and Marketing Cloud to allow customers a more seamless solution experience. Companies can supplement their campaign journey development in Salesforce with comprehensive and personalized messaging management through Messagepoint.

The idea behind offering this integrated approach is to eliminate organizational silos that typically result in inconsistent communications. Businesses can manage all content in one place, and ensure brand compliance and message consistency across multiple delivery channels.

Utilizing and Expanding AI

Delivering a great customer message experience can still be a challenge in today’s noise-filled world, and is why Messagepoint continues to lead the charge into utilizing capabilities of AI. There were several discussions and presentations on AI and how it is helping to reshape customer communications.

At IWCO Direct, we have continued to focus on AI for initial customer solution onboarding and ongoing communication management. For the CCM industry, AI improves communication quality, accelerates the transformation to Customer Experience Management (CXM), and enables better decision making. With so much focus on multi/omnichannel marketing strategies and the need for effective customer communications, AI can examine and report back in real time on message similarities, duplications, sentiment, and overall brand compliance issues. All these enhanced capabilities are integrated within the Messagepoint platform. AI is always an exciting topic, as it proved to be at this year’s conference.

IWCO Direct Acts as Case Study for DCM and Customer Experience

Although IWCO Direct’s own spotlight presentation was the last session of the day before the long-awaited happy hour, the room was still full with an attentive and engaged audience. The IWCO Direct team gave an overview of who we are, what we do, and our ability to offer clients end-to-end marketing solutions that get results. We also shared how we leverage our DCM solution and the innovation we bring in support of our clients’ marketing visions.

This combination of technology and organizational dedication has brought our clients the benefits of a streamlined workflow, reduced cycle times, and, of course, a positive customer experience. We shared specific client case studies to highlight these benefits and illustrated the overall impact the DCM solution has had on our customer partners. We were especially pleased when Steve Biancaniello, the CEO of Messagepoint, highlighted what a key player IWCO Direct has been in assisting with solution development within their organization.

Conferences like Content Centricity and solutions like IWCO Direct 1to1 play an essential role in today’s ever-evolving marketing world. The key to customer messaging is making sure communications are consistent, relevant, and personal. The conference reinforced all these points and provided unique insights on how best to achieve them. The keynote speakers, the constant knowledge sharing, and variety of organizations that attended the conference made for a memorable and impactful experience.

link https://www.iwco.com/blog/2020/04/08/dcm-customer-experience/
David Klempke, PMP


David Klempke, PMP

As Director, Project Management Office, Dave works with his team to help develop strategic business solutions for our clients to achieve results that exceed expectations. He has a BA and an MBA from Augsburg University, along with a Project Management Professional Certification from the Project Management Institute. Dave is a college instructor, avid kayaker, traveler, lifelong learner, and sports enthusiast with moderate expectations. (Minnesota will do that to you.)

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