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Use These Marketing Recommendations to Put the Buyer First

Mike Ertel

Our team always looks forward to überflip’s Trends Reports, and their recent What Today’s Marketers Are Focused On in 2020” was no exception. The forward from President and CMO, Randy Frisch, echoed our thinking when he said, “Although looking at trends can give us an edge, it can also take us off track. Marketers specifically don’t need a new trend to chase but they can benefit from tips to be more effective at where they’ve already made big bets.”

2020 Marketing Recommendations are Moving Beyond Trends

The foundation of this new report is survey responses from 330 B2B marketers who answered this question: “What are the top three marketing trends you would advise marketers to focus on for 2020 and why?” The common theme of the responses is elegantly simple according to überflip: “Marketers are not overly focused on trends. Instead they simply want to improve their marketing and generate results.”

Saying that marketers simply want to improve their marketing and generate results does not mean that process is simple. As our marketing strategists repeatedly remind us, creating effective marketing campaigns that drive response is accomplished by testing, testing, and more testing, effective predictive models and data sets, and insightful analytics. These things help us make marketing recommendations that move the needle for our customers’ products or services.

Contextual Personalization Deepens the Strategy

Our clients tell us their customers want personalized experiences. It’s our job to make that happen effectively at scale with tools like IWCO Direct 1to1℠ that deliver offline and online marketing campaigns with dynamic variable content and multiple control and test packages with unrelenting precision. That precision is meaningless unless it comes with strict attention to data quality and data hygiene across all channels.

One of the most intriguing observations in the überflip report is how marketers are getting back to “putting the buyer, the customer, the human at the center of their strategies.” Marketers can start by optimizing and deepening their personalization strategies for targeted audiences. The survey results reinforce a marketing approach we have been practicing for some time when it comes to personalization. Using a person’s name does not demonstrate an understanding of their needs. “Surface-level” personalization is a thing of the past, and contextual personalization rules the day. This is achieved by understanding the customer, their journey, and where they are in their journey.

Putting the Buyer First

The survey results show that some marketers cited creating “engaging experiences, providing bingeable content, and ungating assets as ways to put the buyer first.” You’ll be seeing some of those very tactics from IWCO Direct as we roll out our new Resource Center later this year. We’re focused on following these marketing recommendations that came out of the survey:

  • Put the human at the center of equation;
  • Focus on the experience;
  • Provide content in the formats your buyers want;
  • Speak to their pain;
  • Consider the user experience;
  • Streamline what it takes to get them engaged.

Want to improve your marketing plan and generate results for 2020 and beyond? Contact me here to talk about how we can simplify your process, ease your pain, and help you engage your customers.

link https://www.iwco.com/blog/2020/02/05/marketing-recommendations-2020/
Mike Ertel


Mike Ertel

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