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How I Plan to Embrace the Future of Print with APTech

Steve Myrvold

When APTech announced it was accepting nominations for its Board of Directors (BOD), I was honored to be nominated. When I was informed that I would be joining the Board (pending ratification by the members at PRINT 19), I started making a list of industry issues I hear about from our employees, clients, and business partners to bring to the board in hopes of finding solutions.

Some of these issues are “industry agnostic.” For example, low unemployment is creating labor issues everywhere—from the restaurant down the street, to the medical office across the parking lot, to the hotels we stay in when traveling, to the contractors we’re trying to hire for home and office renovations.

And then I read a September post by Thayer Long, president of APTech, titled “This I Believe”. Thayer eloquently stated what we need to think about as an industry when it comes to the future of print, and what I will focus on as a member of the APTech BOD.

APTech Challenges Us to Become the Future of Print

If you didn’t click on the link in the previous paragraph, you should do that now and read the entire post. Thayer closes with this statement: “The industry is in a state of flux. And yet in talking with people who believe what I believe, there possibly may not be a better time to be in print if you believe in diversity of ideas, challenging the status quo, and the power of the individual.”

I have one of the longest titles at IWCO Direct: Executive Vice President of Operations and Customer Experience.My responsibilities include oversight for a cross-section of manufacturing and technology platforms capable of producing more than five billion mailpieces annually, along with the operations and people that are responsible for producing the work. I had the unique and amazing opportunity to be part of the transformation of IWCO Direct from a conventional offset printer and envelope manufacturer to the largest direct marketing services provider in the country. IWCO Direct collaborated with OEMs around the world to create a new market for production inkjet by helping them understand the needs of the nation’s largest direct marketers, and I was there when it happened.

If you read between the lines, you’ll see why I agree with Thayer that there may be no better time to be in print because of the daily opportunity to exchange diverse ideas, challenge the status quo, and celebrate the power of the individual who can help accomplish great things as part of an amazing team.

I was told that during an APTech meeting in June of this year, the question was asked, “Would you encourage your children to join this industry?” It was disappointing to hear that many of those in attendance did not raise their hands. If I’d been present, my hand would have gone up because I get to see firsthand some of the amazing things that are happening around the world in an industry that has been through many transformations in its 569-year history. The future of print remains extremely bright. I hope you and your children will join me in the next era.

link https://www.iwco.com/blog/2019/10/23/aptech-future-of-print/
Steve Myrvold


Steve Myrvold

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