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Time for a Marketing Health Check-Up?

Tedd Aurelius

Going to your doctor to get an annual physical is part of being and staying healthy. We schedule these appointments a year in advance, and if we have been following the doctor’s orders for the previous 365 days, we are rewarded with a clean bill of health (though most of us are also given a short list of things we need to do in order to be in better shape for the next appointment). As we get older, these appointments become more crucial to our continued wellness.

Continued wellness. That’s something that we as marketers strive for every day, isn’t it?

Since this is a blog about marketing, humor me as I make an analogy about how critical it is for marketers to keep reviewing their communication/marketing plans in order to stay ‘healthy.’ In this analogy, the client (marketer) is the patient and the agency partner is the doctor.

A Marketing Health Check-Up

The doctor is consulted to help the patient stay or become healthy, and to improve physically. The doctor has to put the patient through a consultative and analytic process to determine their state of wellness, find the source of the pain (if any), and determine a course of action. For the agency partner, this translates to data analysis, preliminary model development or look alike models, primary research, conjoint analysis, etc.—but foremost it’s the Gap Analysis or Marketing Audit.

The patient and the doctor need to have tests run and engage in high-level analysis to both confirm the diagnosis and to help the patient believe the doctor is recommending the best course of action for the patient to take. The agency partner’s data group and analytics capability provide the same—to empower the strategists to make good diagnoses and recommendations and to give the clients credible reasons to trust the agency partner about how and where to spend their money.

The doctor prescribes a course of action that spends the patient’s money (medications, physical therapy, surgery, etc.). The agency partner prescribes where to spend the client’s marketing dollars to get better results (mail, TV, print, shared mail, collateral, etc.). What the doctor prescribes is based on knowledge, training, experience, analytics, testing, and ongoing results. The same can be said for what the agency partner does.

Maintaining or Correcting Course

How doctors change treatment on an ongoing basis is based on if they see improvements over time. To measure improvement requires precise monitoring, further tests, and additional consultations with the patient. If they find the treatment is working, the doctor continues and refines it. If the patient is not improving, the doctor can run different tests, offer a new diagnosis, and start a new treatment—or refer the patient to someone else.

This is exactly what agency partners do with ongoing campaign reporting. If the solution is not working, then adjustments are made. Just like a doctor would change the drugs or other elements of the treatment, the agency partners change creative, targeting, media spend levels, frequency, etc.

The agency partner has the client come back regularly to discuss the treatment and where to spend time and effort to improve their marketing health, just like the doctor does with the patient. If the patient doesn’t adhere to the doctor’s advice and/or treatment stops, the patient’s health is likely to decline.

At IWCO Direct, our team of “doctors” are experts at performing check-ups, determining the right course of action, and prescribing the perfect medicine to “cure what ails you.” In other words, we provide relief from the pain of poor marketing—high CPA, high CPL, low ROI, unknown results, lack of predictability, lack of knowledge of what to do next—and we provide a solution for improved function (i.e., better results that may include a variety of tactics).

If you haven’t had a check-up in a while, please make an appointment. Your marketing health shouldn’t be taken for granted or ignored.

Our in-house “doctors,” including Wes Sparling, VP Marketing Strategy, who provided a second opinion on this content, are standing by, so pick up the phone (or email us) and make your appointment today.

link https://www.iwco.com/blog/2019/07/24/marketing-health-check-up/
Tedd Aurelius


Tedd Aurelius

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