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Email Behavior Targeting Solves the Prospect Abandonment Problem for Direct & Email Marketers

Alan Sherman

Triggered marketing campaigns based on prospect or customer behavior achieve some of the highest response and conversion rates we see in marketing. Cost per acquisition for triggered campaigns are also considerably lower than “business as usual” campaigns. The reason is simple: triggered campaigns (whether they are initiated by abandoned carts,  browse, or product applications) take advantage of the inherent interest expressed by prospects through their online browse and click behavior.

Email Behavior Targeting (EBT) from IWCO Direct applies that principle to your direct marketing, reaching potential customers with triggered offers in real time based on what they’re clicking. Let’s review how trigger marketing and retargeting combine to achieve better results and how EBT can work for your campaigns.

Follow Up on Online Browsing, Abandoned Carts, and Incomplete Transactions

In the online world, attention spans are short, and not every transaction a consumer starts will reach the finish line. Maybe your prospect is applying for a loan or credit card online, but dinner is on the table. Or maybe your prospect is in the middle of an online insurance quote and drops it to take a phone call. For whatever reason, they don’t complete the application. Marketers know that the interest is still there, so they follow-up with retargeted display ads—those ads that follow you wherever you go across the internet.

Email Behavior Targeting Brings Added Speed and Relevance to Your Offers

What if we could do the same with email, but target those prospects that have expressed interest in competitive emails sent? Well, we can, and we do. Through a process known as Email Behavior Targeting, we can target and reach those prospects clicking on links within billions of promotional emails sent by your competitors every day. By searching online via a proprietary process, we are able to identify these people clicking on competitive emails and match them to a permissioned, opt-in email and postal address database.

Someone that has received an email from a competitive marketer—whether it’s a prospecting or customer emails, or a retargeting email sent by the marketer when an application is left unfinished—can be targeted and reached while their interest is still high. We are able to send triggered acquisition emails (featuring personalized offers and messaging) within an hour of click behavior and deliver direct mail within days. Both mediums realize very high open and response rates when utilizing EBT – higher than what you would typically see with acquisition emails.

Testing, Cadence, and Combination are Key

We find that a combination of email and direct mail works best. Typically, we’ll send four emails over the course of four weeks, following up the first email with an integrated direct mail campaign. We also recommend using two email creatives over the four emails to maintain interest and mitigate the potential drop in response.

Email Behavior Targeting takes advantage of both prospect behavior and a multichannel approach where response is amplified by frequency. To find out more, reach me here.

link https://www.iwco.com/blog/2019/07/12/email-behavior-targeting-ebt/
Alan Sherman


Alan Sherman

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