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2019 Idealliance G7 Training at IWCO Direct

Idealliance’s G7 Expert & Professional Training Returns to IWCO Direct

Mike Todryk

In a little over a month, IWCO Direct will once again host Idealliance’s G7 Expert & Professional training at our Chanhassen facilities. When we hosted the event in May of last year it sold out in almost record time, and the feedback Idealliance received from attendees was excellent. Even the lead instructor, Don Hutcheson, made a point to tell us, “I have been doing this for 12 years, and this was by far the best, most professional facility we have ever trained at.”

Extensive Topics Are Covered During G7 Training

If you’re not familiar, G7 training is an extensive three-day event that covers the G7 methodology and how to implement it, as well as information on basic color science and color management. There are several hands-on sessions where students see G7 in action, including setting up a proofer and a live G7 calibration on an offset sheet-fed press. While the curriculum doesn’t change much, every class that I have taken (around eight now) has yielded new insights into the process.

G7 Expert is the highest level of certification and requires a passing score over 90% on the certification test. It is intended for people who are consultants that perform G7 calibrations for clients, or people who are running their internal systems. G7 Professional is a slightly lower level of certification, requiring 80% or above. It is intended for operators who will play a large part in maintaining G7 standards at their facility. IWCO Direct currently has three G7 Experts based in our Chanhassen facilities and one Expert at our Hamburg, Pennsylvania facilities. All of them will be attending the training to maintain their certification.

What Does G7 Certification Mean for Direct Marketing Professionals?

Marketing professionals put so much time and effort into defining their brand identities that it’s a shame when their colors aren’t consistent. The typical mailpiece is made up of multiple components, often produced using different technologies with different inks and paper stocks. When the mail is opened it needs to tell a complete story, with all of the colors in the same family. G7 certification is the absolute best way to make sure we give the mailpiece the consistent shared appearance it requires, piece after piece, run after run.

In fact, because color consistency and accuracy are so important to our clients, over the last year we have certified all of our printing technologies to G7 Colorspace, the highest level of G7 qualification. G7 Colorspace is usually reserved just for proofing devices, so by qualifying all of our technologies to Colorspace, we are guaranteeing the highest level of color consistency and delivering the highest quality to our customers.

From the recognition in the industry, to simplifying recertification for our Experts, to providing better results to our clients, hosting the G7 training events pays dividends in many ways. We’d like to give special thanks to Joan Donahue, who has been a huge help organizing this important event.

link https://www.iwco.com/blog/2019/06/25/g7-training-at-iwco-direct/
Mike Todryk


Mike Todryk

Mike Todryk is a Manager Color Technical Support for IWCO Direct, the leading direct mail marketing services provider in North America. Mike has been in the printing industry for 25+ years, specializing in Color Management for the last 22. He cut his teeth in the demanding world of dye sublimation before transitioning into commercial print. Mike became a G7 expert in 2008, helping his company to become one of the very first G7 Master printers that was exclusively dye sub. Mike is the resident G7 contact for IWCO Direct in Minnesota. When Mike is not geeking out on color, he enjoys playing his guitar and spending time with his family.

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